11x Growth for Retail Sales

A Secret Weapon for Retail Dominance

Hey, retailer business leaders! It’s time to wake up and smell the disruption. In an era where consumers are kings and queens, sitting back is not an option. We’re not talking about doubling or tripling your sales. We’re aiming for 11x growth. That’s right, eleven times. It sounds insane, but in this digital age, it’s not only possible, it’s doable. Let’s dive into how a retail fractional CMO can help you achieve this monumental growth.

What is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

First, let’s break down what a fractional CMO is. A fractional CMO is a C-level marketing executive who works for you as a part-time marketing superhero. A true top-tier marketing leader will develop a Go-To-Market strategy (GTM) that breaks the mold, all without the commitment of a full-time CMO. Fractional CMO services typically include a comprehensive marketing strategy that will encompass all marketing initiatives including hiring/managing your marketing team. That also includes, of course, creating the framework to best run your existing marketing department.

Fresh Eyes: No Bias

Flat sales? Or perhaps tired of creating all the marketing strategies yourself? A fractional CMO can evaluate your in-house marketing team and marketing goals without bias. A marketing agency will follow marketing tactics that just so happen to happen to butter their bread. What is the best channel mix? What are the most impactful strategies? Do you have the right marketing talent within your existing marketing team? Industry knowledge is important, yes, but only when it comes from an experienced marketing executive who is not trying to protect internal alliances or pick a channel mix based on personal profitability.

Marketing Efforts Tied to Business Objectives

An experienced marketing professional will usually begin with a strategic planning process before they make any recommendations. They will look at all your customer acquisition channels: paid advertising, digital marketing, content marketing, and all your lead generation marketing programs. They will analyze your existing marketing efforts, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and develop a deep understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Only then are they in a position to determine the most impactful marketing strategies. After all, the entire marketing function is to drive sales growth.

Choosing a Fractional CMO Agency

When some look to hire a fractional CMO they turn to an agency (maybe not the best choice?) Choosing the right fractional CMO is like picking your battlefield ally. You need someone who’s not just equipped but also passionately in sync with your mission. You need someone who knows how to align marketing initiatives and the marketing budget to your business strategy.

Retail Domain Knowledge

Perhaps the most important factor in evaluating a fractional CMO who is a perfect fit can be summed up with two words: domain knowledge.  With a shortage of time and an excess of need, business owners often go to agencies to find that perfect fit.  Here’s the problem: agency reputation does not matter much if most of their clients are in cybersecurity, and you have a retail store that sells window blinds.  That means understanding the skill sets of the specific, fractional Chief Marketing Officer assigned to your account.

Agencies vs. Matchmaking

Often the best talent out there works on a freelance basis. not for an agency. Why? Agencies take 50% of the profit. To find the perfect fractional CMO without making your search a full-time job, the best compromise may be a matchmaking service that specializes at fractional CMOs.  Some of them add as little as $2,000 a month to the executive’s fee, bringing your monthly total to around $14,000 to $18,000.  When that drives tens of millions of dollars of new revenue, this is the easiest business decision ever.

Stunning Example Results

Let’s talk about real impact. With the right fractional CMO, your retail business can see transformative growth. We’re talking tangible, measurable, and, frankly, jaw-dropping results.

For example, imagine multiplying your current online sales by eleven. It’s not a fantasy; it’s a reality for one retailer who embraced the fractional CMO model. In gathering data about actual results, here are more examples of what different fractional CMOs have accomplished for miscellaneous retail stores or tenants in commercial retail spaces.  Your mileage may vary:

Automotive Services

Grew online sales 11x (from $135M a year to over $1.5B a year), scaling automated online bookings from 18% to over 60%.

Fitness Franchises

A $75M national fitness franchise drove expansion with a fractional CMO, opening 50 new stores and gaining 775K new customers in year 1.

Mattress Company

Drove $65M in sales with a 20% increase in total revenue and a 25% increase in accessory revenue.

Music / Audio Equipment

Drove an additional 47%+ ($800M) in revenue, improving marketing-driven sales on average 45% annually.  Increased CLV +48%, ROAS YoY improvement of 38% annually.

Custom Window Blinds

A fractional CMO transitioned a 300-store company from all brick-and-mortar to a hybrid D2C model.  20-30% Growth YoY with a 50% close rate on all leads.

Beverage Coolers

Increased revenue from $10M to $25M in <12 months at DTC beer and kegerator company. Partnered with Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma.

Pet Care

Scaled business 6x, drove 6.8B brand impressions, +500K organic monthly visits in 18 months through SEO and content strategy at B2B/B2B2C pet care company.

Dental Care

For a local dentist, a fractional CMO created $500K in new revenue, 902% ROI from ads, 45% reduction in CPAs, driving 28% MoM growth (1,834% YoY).

Healthcare Clinics

For a local healthcare clinic, increased sales by 210%, created 3,188% more SEO visibility, and 3,234% more site traffic, driving 10% MoM growth (213% YoY).

Financial Brokerages

For a financial broker in the agriculture space, created 56% more sales opportunities, 56% more site traffic, and created a top 3 ranking for 49% more keywords.

The Time for Action is Now

Retailers, the world is changing, and it’s changing fast. The question is, are you ready to change with it? Are you ready to take your retail business and not just grow it, but explode it by 11 times? It’s a big goal, but with the right fractional CMO, it’s not just a goal; it’s your future reality. So, are you ready to hustle, adapt, and dominate? Let’s do this!

Author: Ben Arritt 

Ben currently serves as a board member for a fractional CMO matching service called GROKKETSHIP (https://www.grokketship.com/) and recently launched a fractional CFO service called Fractional CFO Pros (https://www.fractionalcfopros.com/).  The fractional roster includes previous C-Suite and VP talent from Walt Disney, CISCO, Zipcar, Salesforce, Hootsuite, UberEATS, eHarmony, eBay, PayPal, Whole Foods, PepsiCo, NBC Universal, Edelman, Omnicom Group, and more.   

Ben provides free summaries of business books, curated research and business modeling templates on GROKKETSHIP’s blog.  Follow him on Twitter (X): @grokketship or connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-arritt/ 

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