Elitone: The At-Home Solution for Leaky Bladders

For many women, leaky bladders are an embarrassing inconvenience that can significantly impact daily life. From limiting fluid intake to avoiding cherished activities, bladder leaks can constrain freedom and undermine confidence, but Elitone offers a revolutionary at-home solution to help women regain control.

Elitone is the first external pelvic floor therapy device designed for in-home use. Worn discreetly under clothing for just 20 minutes daily, Elitone utilizes gentle neuromuscular stimulation to tone pelvic floor muscles at the source and calm overactive bladders. The non-invasive technology addresses and prevents bladder leaks by building up control.

As an over-the-counter, non-prescription option, Elitone provides accessible relief without costly doctor visits or medications, and no side effects. Ultimately, it can help women facing bladder issues reclaim their lifestyles with renewed freedom and restored dignity.

What is Elitone?

Elitone is the first FDA-cleared, over-the-counter electrical stimulation device designed to treat bladder leakage in women. This breakthrough wearable technology is worn discreetly in underwear to deliver gentle electrical impulses to the pelvic floor muscles and nerves.

Specially designed for at-home use, Elitone allows women to incorporate convenient 20-minute therapy sessions into their daily routines without needing a prescription or doctor’s supervision. 

Unlike medications that only treat one type of incontinence and have a lot of side effects or invasive surgery, Elitone targets the root causes using neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Signals transmitted to the pelvic floor help build muscle control, retrain nerve firing patterns, and increase urethral resistance — addressing leaks at the source for both short- and long-term improvement.

As an accessible, non-invasive solution, Elitone puts personalized therapy and freedom from bladder leaks into women’s hands.

How does Elitone work?

Elitone utilizes a patented electrical muscle stimulation (e-stim) technology called Pre-Modulated Waveforms (PMW) to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and retrain the bladder without needing insertion. The discreet, lightweight device uses specialized conductive GelPads to deliver electrical signals that cause pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax, similar to how Kegel exercises engage the muscles. Users typically feel their pelvic floor contracting during the 4-second pulses, followed by relaxation during the 2-second calming signals, and then six seconds of rest before the cycle repeats. Elitone URGE only sends the calming signals that treat overactive bladders.

By mimicking the body’s natural nerve signals, the e-stim technology elicits muscle contractions to build strength and endurance over time and transmits signals to the bladder to increase awareness and conscious control. Clinical studies for both stress incontinence and overactive bladders found women experienced fewer leaks and reduced usage of pads after six to twelve weeks of daily 20-minute Elitone treatments.

The breakthrough wearable allows women to conveniently incorporate pelvic floor training into daily life without disruption. And unlike vaginal probes previously required for e-stim therapy, Elitone’s external design promotes comfort and accessibility to reclaim bladder control.

Benefits of Elitone

The primary benefit of Elitone is its ability to address bladder leakage in women through accessible at-home therapy. Further clinical studies with Elitone found that 75% of users experienced fewer bladder leaks while 85% reduced reliance on pads after six weeks of use.

By strengthening pelvic muscles and enhancing nerve connectivity, Elitone also provides these advantages:

  • Improved bladder control & confidence: The gradual muscle and nerve training reinforces bladder control, allowing users to build awareness and resist urges. This restores confidence to engage in activities without worrying about leaks.
  • Non-Invasive & comfortable: The external, wearable design is non-invasive and comfortable compared to traditional probes. Conductive GelPads transmit electrical signals to target muscles without insertion. 
  • Over-the-counter convenience: As the first FDA-cleared OTC e-stim device for incontinence, Elitone offers convenient relief without prescriptions, doctor visits, or time-consuming appointments. 
  • Private & discreet: The lightweight, noiseless device allows for discreet 20-minute therapy sessions under clothing without disrupting users’ days. 

Additionally, though Elitone targets bladder control as its primary goal, some users may experience secondary benefits related to sexual health. By strengthening and toning pelvic floor muscles, Elitone has the potential to contribute to increased vaginal sensation and intensity of orgasms.

While Elitone makes no official claims regarding improved sexual performance and pleasure, many customers have anecdotally reported positive effects along with their partners. As the pelvic floor grows stronger through consistent e-stim therapy sessions, heightened muscle control and stamina can enhance arousal, lubrication, and overall satisfaction. Alleviating bladder leakage remains the focus and use of Elitone, but the potential to boost sexual confidence and fulfillment is simply an added perk that some women and couples have observed from its pelvic reconditioning.

For the millions of women dealing with embarrassing bladder leaks, Elitone offers new hope for restoring freedom and confidence as the first FDA-cleared external e-stim solution for incontinence that puts personalized therapy and progressive results into women’s hands.

Ultimately, Elitone delivers accessible, customizable relief for taking back control of your bladder so you can feel empowered to live actively and freely once again. For women seeking life-changing treatment for leakage without medication or surgery, Elitone provides a revolutionary path forward right from your home.

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