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Sean Tarry is an experienced writer who leverages his unique storytelling abilities to bring retail industry news and analysis to life. With 25 years of learning, including over a decade as Editor-In-Chief of Canadian Retailer magazine, he’s equipped with a deep understanding of the unique world of retail and the issues, trends, and innovators that continue to influence its evolution and shape its landscape.

Retail Insider the magazine Presents the Trends and Forcing Functions that will Shape the Future of Retail

Experts weigh in on the current and future state of the retail industry in Canada, as well as discussion on new retail entrants to Canada.

Coming Soon: Retail Insider the magazine, Volume II, Issue II: Unifying the Retail Experience; Futureproofing Your Brand; and Luxury Heading for the Burbs

The Summer issue of Retail Insider the magazine is brimming with more engaging content, dynamic insights, and expert analysis than ever before.

Out Soon: Retail Insider the magazine, Volume Two Issue One

Canada’s only national retail magazine continues to tackle the industry’s biggest issues as it begins developing its second volume of content.

SAJO: Transforming Traditional Project Delivery Through Holistic and Artistic Approach

Globally renowned Montreal-based design-build company SAJO marks 45 years of innovation and creativity

Clik2pay Making Online Payments Easier for Retailers and their Customers [Feature]

The company says that it is helping merchants provide payments options and reduce unnecessary credit card fees.

Exciting Fall Issue of Retail Insider the magazine: Coming Soon

A dynamic slate of content and research will build on the success of the publication’s inaugural issue.

Garden City Cannabis Co. Cultivating Growth and Success through Smart Store Design [Feature Interview]

The retailer says that it partnered to create a store experience that would stand out in a fiercely competitive sector.

Self-Service Cashier-Less Convenience Grocery Retail Concept Aisle 24 Expanding Aggressively Across Canada in 2022 [Co-Founder Feature Interview]

The innovative concept, with a goal of being fast and efficient, recognizes that consumers are expecting digital tech even in physical stores. Data is another bonus to the cashier-less retailer which is expected to become a household name.

Art, Science and a Little Bit of Ingenuity Required from Canadian Retailers Looking to Drive Growth [Feature Expert Interview]

A noted industry veteran says that retailers need to look at scenario planning while planning for the worst as things unfold heading into the fall.

Ivanhoe Cambridge Partners to Reposition and Reinvigorate Downtown Montreal’s Place Ville Marie Retail [Feature]

The iconic and historic complex will see an enhanced retail space and activated esplanade as part of an exciting 2.0 vision.

Online Retailers in Canada Facing Barriers to Entry Amid Growing eComm Competition: Expert Interview

Industry veteran David Nagy says that retailers online need to look to key factors or face failure.

Sustainability Needs to be a Focus for Retailers in Canada Amid Consumer Demands: Expert/Interview

Liza Amlani says that retailer and brands need to place greater focus and emphasis on improving sustainable production practices as consumers demand it.

Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Care Driving Decision-Making and Strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central [Feature]

The retailer says that centralization of information is helping it automate and streamline business at a critical time.

Industry Expert David Nagy Discusses Building an Ecommerce Business: Feature Interview

Nagy discusses how building a deep understanding of the customer is key for building an effective digital ecosystem.

Focusing on Customer Experience is Critical for Retailers in Canada Amid Increasing Competition: Study

An expert says retailers need to compete or be left by the sidelines as we head into the summer and the pandemic sorts itself.

Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Helping Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Boost Digital Presence

The program provides Federal funding and support critical in flattening the digital curve for Main Street retailers.

Square Helping Retailers take the Complexity out of Cash Flow and Realize Opportunities

The company says that managing healthy cash flow is critical to relieve merchant burden.

Retail Executive Roundtable Sparks Lively Discussion Concerning the Transforming Retail Experience

Retail Insider recently hosted top industry leaders for a roundtable discussion within the inaugural edition of Retail Insider the magazine.

Canadian Businesses and Consumers Need Protection Against the Threat of Fraud in the Digital Age [Feature]

The rapidly evolving retail ecosystem demands cutting edge security according to experts, given a spike in fraud and other issues.

Brands Increasingly Going Direct-to-Consumer in Canada as Pandemic Changes Fundamentals: Expert Interview

The continued success of multi-brand retailers will be challenged in the face of increased manufacturer competition she said.

Partnership Between Steel Art Signs and Gregory Signs to Yield Expansion, Benefits and Success for Each Company [Feature]

Complementary skills and offering, augmented by specialized expertise, will fuel growth amid turbulent times.

Consumer Demand for Greater Flexibility and Options Leading to Increasing Retail Innovation

Developing seamless omnichannel experiences to satisfy consumer preferences driving the future of retail.

Technology Enabling Retailers to Better Manage their Online Business, Overcome Challenges and Uncover Opportunities [Feature]

Explosion of ecommerce ecosystem providing retailers with more ways to engage with customers and grow their businesses

IKEA Canada Continues National Expansion Strategy with Launch of First Planning Studio Concept in Quebec [Feature Interview]

New concept to the Canadian market designed to inspire and meet the convenience needs of today’s consumer.

Equitable and Inclusive Culture at Giant Tiger Driving Strong Supply Chain Strategy and Innovation [Feature]

A broader perspective and increased collaboration supporting the success of Canadian discount retailer.

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