Video Podcast [Interview – Part 1]: Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker Interviewed by Retail Insider’s Craig Patterson

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Retail Insider’s Editor-in-Chief Craig Patterson recently interviewed fashion icon Jeanne Beker in a two-part podcast. Most notably, Ms. Beker was host of Fashion Television between the years 1985 and 2012.

Craig and Jeanne discuss retail and fashion and where things are going as consumer preferences shift during the COVID-19 pandemic. Included is new information that some may not know including Jeanne’s first fashion job at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall where she also held her Sweet 16 party. Also stay tuned for part two of the podcast where Ms. Beker discusses her career on television including her current role as a host of Style Matters on TSC Today’s Shopping Choice.

Jeanne Beker, who recently marked her 69th birthday, grew up in Toronto and launched her career in 1968 with an acting role on CBC television sitcom Toby. Craig and Jeanne discuss her brief history of studying as a mime in Paris prior to moving back to Canada to work at CBC in Newfoundland as an arts and entertainment reporter before moving back to Toronto in 1978 to The NewMusic prior to landing in the fashion space.

Watch the video podcast below (Ad Blockers need to be disabled as they may block video player):

Alternatively, listen to the ‘audio only’ version of the video podcast here:

Jeanne Beker Books

Jeanne is the author of six books, including:

The second part of the series has been released and is available to watch here.



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