Podcast [Interview] Winnipeg Retail with Sandy Shindleman of Shindico Group

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Craig and Sandy Shindleman discuss retail in Winnipeg in Manitoba, including the struggles of retail in downtown Winnipeg and the future of the province’s commercial offerings. Shindleman provides insight into the future of the downtown Winnipeg Hudson’s Bay store as well.  

Sandy Shindleman is President of Winnipeg-based Shindico Group.

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Interviewed this episode:

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  1. Just what is the problem with downtown Winnipeg? After listening to Shindleman I’m not really that much clearer on that subject. With the exception of some specialty retail in The Exchange District, shoppers and stores have abandoned downtown. I know there is the issue of homelessness and crime. But those are problems that also exist in downtown Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto yet their CBDs are relatively thriving as far as retail. My theory is that Winnipeg has grown as a low density, car oriented suburban style of settlement: shopping malls, business strips along wide arterials and plenty of free parking. I suppose that describes Calgary too, but there is more wealth and growth there and a different civic ethos that leads to amenities like the C-Train light rail system and the 17th street strip. Anyway, I hope some use can be found for the Bay building. It would be a shame to demolish it.


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