Sold for Seven Figure Amount

Sam FaraoSam Farao

Over the years has developed into one of the leading guides for online casino related information in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The service, which prides itself in offering a complete overview of all Scandinavian casinos, offers a range of services. These include more than 125 online casino reviews, including a good range of casinos that operate in the Norwegian online gambling niche, as well as a large collection of quality casino-related articles and guides written by the company’s own journalists., which previously was owned by Digital Takeover Ltd, was sold to an undisclosed buyer for a seven figure amount in a deal widely considered a big win for the Malta-based company, which is a subsidiary of Digital Empire AS. The takeover, which has now been completed was signed on the first of April 2020. 

In a statement commenting on the sale of Sam Farao, Managing Director of the Malta-based Digital Takeover LTD, who handled the transaction explained that the deal included a “no ranking guarantee”, which contributed to making the transaction interesting.. 

Although a search engine ranking guarantee can sound enticing for clients, there is really no way to ensure a guaranteed good ranking in search engines such as for example Google. The agreed “no ranking guarantee” ensures that Casinor will continue to prioritize the best interests of the site’s users and business partners after the takeover by continuing to grow the business the right way, by providing unique and high-quality online casino content that is of real value to its users.

Casinor’s business partners have more reason than most to celebrate the deal. With the new owners taking charge a range of improvements are expected to contribute substantially to increasing site traffic. The new owners are well established in the online gambling industry, with considerable resources at their disposal. This will enable Casinor to reach its full potential, providing even more bonuses, and an increasing amount of quality content for the site’s users. It will also help Casinor in its secondary purpose of providing a steady supply of high quality leads for its business partners.

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