Hunch Empowers Global e-Retail Companies to Dominate Social Commerce with Performance Driven Creatives

Hunch, a certified global Facebook business partner, teams up with leading global brand and performance marketing teams to consistently drive operational efficiencies, revenue uplifts, and faster go-to-market initiatives. Brands and agencies rely on Hunch’s market leading automation platform that combines unique data-driven creative performance workflows with automated media buying processes to help today’s marketers focus on what matters most – Growth.”

Founded in 2017 by Siggi Rakovic and Igor Simovic along with a small group of creative technology pioneers in Los Angeles and Belgrade, Hunch has become a global leader in data driven creative solutions for social commerce marketing and has helped launch over a billion automated creatives for hundreds of brands including Bavaria Automotive, Qatar Airways, Wavemaker, Telenor and G Adventures.

Performance marketers use Hunch to build highly contextual customer journeys on Facebook and Instagram and deliver the right creative at the right time leading to better engagement. Achieving the same result requires hundreds of hours of manual work and additional resources to create, update and test each element of an offer. 

Although most social platforms have a native ad studio, there are some limitations. Hunch’s Creative Studio is the answer to both these problems. It is designed to save marketing teams time and resources while creating aesthetically pleasing video and image ads for hundreds of products at once.

Hunch lets marketers turn their data into creative. Once you connect your product or data feeds to Hunch you can use them to build personalized creatives. Using the product data, third-party data, and Hunch Studio, advertisers can launch thousands of personalized ads automatically and combine brand and performance at scale.

Brands and agencies that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

G Adventures, Canada’s largest adventure travel company and a world leader in the adventure industry, leveraged the power of Hunch to get back in the game after COVID-19 with Hunch’s automated ad solution for catalogs. 

Image: Hunch

Not only did G Adventures reduce the time and effort needed to set up and launch these campaigns but they were also able to get more granular and personalize customer journeys.  

With Hunch, e-retailers can target users based on the time of day with automated localized campaigns, trigger weather-based personalized messaging, and use localization techniques to cater to a global audience. 

Hunch offers custom packages and pricing plans without locking companies into a long-term commitment. Self-serve plans for brands or agencies that are already running ads but need to start automating ads and creatives. Fully-managed plans are  for teams that require tailored services and extended support and Hybrid plans for those in between.

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