‘Skin Removal’ of Vancouver’s ‘Giant Toilet Bowl’ Starting Today

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Today the exterior of Vancouver’s former Downtown Sears store will start to be dismantled for the renovation and arrival of Nordstrom, as we previously reported, as well as for offices above.

The building’s exterior panelling will be removed using an electric crane on a swing stage.  This is similar to a window cleaning stage (they say), which will lower to panels to the street level for removal. Panel removal starts with the TD plaza area and then moves clockwise, meaning panel removal will subsequently happen on the building’s Granville Street side, then Robson street, then the Howe Street side.

‘Built Form’ of Vancouver Skyscraper Forum provided this photograph, above, of the ground floor demolition of the interior of the former Sears space.

Thank you to ‘officedweller’ of Vancouver Skyscraper Forum for providing us with the update on the Pacific Centre Nordstrom project.



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