World’s First ‘Canon Experience Store’ Opening in Calgary

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The world’s first ‘Canon Experience Store’ will open soon in Downtown Calgary. It will be followed by similar locations world-wide. The Calgary location will be about 6000 square feet and “will provide unprecedented customer interaction with Canon, its products and solutions, for both consumer and commercial clients” according to a job ad on Craigslist seeking staff for the store. 

We are copying and pasting this content from Petapixel, describing the store: 

According to Canon Rumors, the first of the stores will open in Calgary, Canada; followed by more all around the globe. That piece of news seems to be all but fact. What’s less determined is what exactly these stores will look like.

Rumor has it they will be Apple store-eque: a simple, all white design with plenty of space to try different cameras and lenses. There should also be an educational section to the store, where you can take advantage of a set of iMacs and your local Canon professional.

(Underlining is ours) The coolest of the rumors is that customers will have to walk through an LED tunnel to enter into the store — fingers crossed on this one. Supposedly this will put you in a more creative mood by surrounding you in sights and sounds.

Whatever they end up looking like, the first store should be announced in the coming days, so Calgary residents keep an eye out for LED tunnels and camera equipment.”

This follows more recent trends towards ‘retail as entertainment’. Some retail analysts have speculated that in the age of online shopping, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ stores will become obselete. Canon and other retailers (be it Apple, Tesla Motors or Rolex) are building retail experiences with hopes that customers will attend and experience products rather than shopping online. 

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