Tiffany & Co. Exits Edmonton’s Holt Renfrew

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The small Tiffany & Co. ‘corner’ inside of Edmonton’s Holt Renfrew store has closed. It was the last Tiffany & Co. shop in Holts that wasn’t a leased concession owned by Tiffany. We have been informed that Tiffany will not open a leased concession at Edmonton’s Holts and that the space formerly occupied by Tiffany will be used to expand the store’s handbags selection.

Other Tiffany & Co. owned and operated concessions within Canada’s Holt Renfrew stores include Holt’s Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal stores.  They range from about 600 square feet to about 1500 square feet.

Canada also has seven free-standing Tiffany & Co. stores: two in Vancouver, one in Calgary, one in Montreal and three in Toronto.

Tiffany & Co. website:

Holt Renfrew website:



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