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June 5 2012 UPDATE: Nordstrom’s Canadian president, Karen McKibbin, says Nordstrom’s Canadian website will not initially include online shopping. This may change at a later date.

Nordstrom has launched its Canadian website in anticipation of its Canadian store openings. The website’s address is So far, the website is simple and includes a welcome page, store opening dates and images, and a section for applicants to apply for jobs at Nordstrom Canada. 

The opening page includes images that give the appearance of a young, hip store. It appears both welcoming and fashionable. 

Images of new stores and their proposed openings are included on the website’s main page. We’ve posted the same and other images in this article we published last month

The careers section of the website invites Canadians to create a job application profile. It also provides this contact email:

We have no word yet on the extent of online shopping that will be included on Nordstrom’s Canadian website. 

Nordstrom’s first Canadian store opens in Calgary in the fall of 2014. It will later launch at least four more Canadian stores in Ottawa (Rideau Centre: spring 2015), Vancouver (Pacific Centre: fall 2015), and Toronto (Sherway Gardens and Yorkdale Shopping Centre: both fall 2016). Other Canadian store locations are currently being negotiated.

Nordstrom Rack has also secured space in Canada and we’ll soon announce its first location.  

Nordstrom’s Canadian website:



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