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Target opened its first Quebec stores yesterday, as we reported would happen last week. A reader sent us feedback and a photo. We’re curious to hear your feedback about Target’s Canadian stores as well. 

David Goldmann emailed us to let us know his reaction to his visit to Laval’s new Target store. He said it was very busy, and that merchandise was selling well. Perhaps too well – he indicates shelves will need to stocked quickly to keep up with demand. 

Two weeks ago we visited a Target store in Coquitlam, BC. Perhaps we had high expectations because our initial impressions were less than stellar. The store had an odd smell, shelves were only half-stocked and their clothing selection left much to be desired. 

Target is in the process of opening stores across Canada, and will continue to open Canadian locations periodically throughout the year. Here is a list of Target stores scheduled to open October 18th

To send us your comments on your experiences at Canadian Target stores, please feel free to leave them on our Facebook page, or to tweet them to our Twitter account. This is the link to comment on Facebook specifically about this article

[Target Canada website]



  1. Visited the ST-Georges (QC) Store in the evening on opening day. Store was not over-crowded but there was a steady flow of customers.

    A lot of people were just looking and checking out prices. People did buy merchandise however, at one point 4 registers were open with at least 3 to 4 people waiting. Several carts returned in the parking lot cart corrals.

    My impressions are that the stire is almost identical to US Target stores. This one is smaller though at only 85,000 sq.ft. Departments are smaller, especially menswear, and no footwear yet.

    Pricewise, Target is comparable to grocery chains and pharmacies and even Walmart on some items. Some items were more expensive. I even saw items that had the same price as in the US (or with a very small difference).

  2. Target also opened 3 stores in Metro Halifax yesterday, including a 2 level, 123,000sf store at Micmac Mall. Parking lots were busy, but at 7pm, the MMM store was not overly crowded, and cash out lines were relatively short and moving quickly. Over heard comments ranging from "Meh". to "it's Zellers with a red circle". Personal observation… there is really no reason to make it a destination to shop, prices were average compared to other retailers, and selection was not spectacular. One note…. self serve cashes kept crashing, and the one item I bought, which was on promo at 40% off, came up at the cash at regular price. Local buzz was almost non-existent today

  3. I think they're really slow at restocking. I was at a larger Toronto store recently and saw many empty shelves. Though I was able to buy most items, I had to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to finish up my shopping. One stop shopping? Not quite there yet.

  4. I went to the opening of target in the Mega center in Laval. My impression: it's a mix review. I really like the home department. They have things I never saw anywere. The clothes department is awful. I taught that the merchandising would been like Joe fresh or similar to La Maison Simons. But the really miss the target on that one. I went to but the collaboration collection Phillip Lin 3.1 Target and I was disappointed a few good pieces but nothing more. The quality wasn't there for me.

  5. @Davidson: I don't think the typical Target shopper is necessarily the same person as Joe Fresh or Simons – unless they're going for the designer collabs. They're still more "fashionable" than say the typical Wal-Mart shopper, though.


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