Canada’s top malls by Facebook ‘Likes’

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By Melissa R.

We’ve put together a list of Canada’s top 15 shopping malls according to their number of Facebook ‘likes’. Malls may be considered popular for various reasons, be it because of the stores contained, attractions featured, interaction on Facebook, and even the sheer size of the mall. 

Mall Facebook pages are an excellent source for information on what’s happening. We find ourselves referring to these mall Facebook pages for tips as well as images for articles. Some malls reveal new tenants on their Facebook page before this information is picked up by ‘mainstream’ media. 

The following is the number of likes for each of these malls as of the evening of January 7th, 2014:

1. West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton AB: 105,461 likes

2. Yorkdale Mall, Toronto ON: 60,924 likes

3. Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto ON: 56,236 likes

4. Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby BC: 51,792 likes

5. Vaughan Mills, Vaughun ON: 41, 748 likes

6. Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga ON: 31,312 likes

7. Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth NS: 28,869 likes*

8. The Pen Centre, St. Catherines ON: 26,819 likes

9. Polo Park, Winnipeg MB: 25,707 likes

10. Galeries de la Capitale, Quebec City QC: 23,468 likes

11. Southcentre Mall, Calgary AB: 25,584 likes

12. Dixie Outlet Mall, Mississauga ON: 20,412 likes

13. Laurier Quebec, Quebec City QC: 19,967 likes

14. Carrefour Laval, Laval QC: 18,997 likes

15. Kildonan Place, Winnipeg MN: 18,651 (updated correction – February 4th 2014 – thank you ‘coreyq’ and Kildonan Place for this update.

16. Crossiron Mills, Calgary AB: 17,782 likes

We’ve included links to the Facebook pages for each of the 15 malls. Malls gain ‘likes’ at a substantially different rate from our observations. 

Several prominent Canadian malls are absent from this top 15 list. Toronto’s popular Sherway Gardens, for example, only has 15,431 ‘likes’. Vancouver’s Pacific Centre, with substantial sales, Canada’s top-performing Holt Renfrew store and the highest sales per-square-foot productivity in Canada, only has 6,120 Facebook ‘likes’. Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre, also one of Canada’s top malls, only has 5,504 ‘likes’. It should come as no surprise that West Edmonton Mall tops the list, as it is the biggest mall in Canada and offers many attractions unique to the mall such as an indoor waterpark, an aquariumSET Nightclub, a West 49 indoor skateboard park and even an amusement park with a haunted house. The mall is also more active on their Facebook page than many of the other malls, with almost daily postings.

Most of these malls are in major cities and most of them are also in what could be considered tourist areas or close to tourist attractions. It seems the more interaction-and entertainment-focused a mall is on Facebook, the more ‘likes’ it may tend to receive. The age of a mall’s Facebook page is also a factor, though one sometimes has to scroll through a substantial number of posts in order to gauge how long the mall has had a Facebook page. 

Consider following these and other Canadian malls on Facebook for store updates as well as other useful information. 

*Thank you ‘ingress’ for providing us this correction




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