Are you listening to your customer?

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By Eric Nykamp CEO of Raange, Inc., Guest Columnist

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I love talking about the customer lifecycle because I spend my days acting as the bridge connecting my clients with their customers.

And sometimes I’m left wondering if we’re truly listening to the customer, not customers – each unique customer. It doesn’t seem like it.

I cringe as companies blast one message across an entire database. Your database should be your lifeline. Your golden ticket to loyalty, to sales targets and to increased customer lifetime value.

Demand Better Results From Your Database

You’ve invested so much time and effort into building this beautiful database full of loyal clientele, not to mention the team you invest in (operating costs) to craft the perfect communique for distribution; you should never risk letting one message push customers away and diminish your brand.

The larger your database, the more powerful your ROI should be.

I’m not talking figuratively either, according to a recent 2017 Mobile Consumer Report retailers found that their average database subscriber spends over $300 a year more than customers who haven’t opted-in.

Optimizing the way you utilize your database to increase retention will drive better customer engagement and sales.

How Do You Make Amends with your Database? Commit to Personalization.

New Adlucent research found that consumers prefer a personalized advertising experience and that 71% of respondents prefer ads tailored to interests and shopping habits.

Personalization powered by preferences.

Quite often we make decisions backed by research-driven assumptions, when sometimes you just have to ask your customers what they want. Sounds old school, but it works.

Businesses need to start collecting unique customer preference data. By giving each customer control over the information s/he receives, you can ensure they get the information they want.

Collecting preferences to power a personalized experience is a good approach to showing each customer that you are listening.

Eric Nykamp is CEO of Raange, Inc., Founder at Mamoth-Group, TAARGA, RAANGE and Mamoth-Labs! Internet Strategist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Investor, Husband, Father, Insomniac.

My goal is to elevate traditional brick & mortar retailers to quickly and easily transition to the latest marketing concepts and communication channels, to rebuild trusted dialogue with their past, present, and future customers.

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