Digital Marketers, Split Your Social Budget and Try Something New

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By Eric Nykamp CEO of Raange, Inc., Guest Columnist

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Digital advertising is a seductress for digital marketers: hyper-localized targeting, click-to-purchase metrics, but are you happy with a 1% sales conversion rate from your Digital Ad Campaigns?

Are you doing them yourself or do you outsource? Month after month, putting the same amount of money into Digital; X dollars to Facebook, Y dollars to Google, with a pinch to Pinterest and maybe a bit to Twitter every once in awhile. All while trying to figure your next 7sec video for YouTube and Snapchat! Sound familiar?!

With these big promises of success, how are your sales results? Good, Great, could be better?

The Winners of Digital Advertising; Not the Retailer

I can tell you who is happy. A recent eMarketer report shows that Google and Facebook command more than 63% of total US digital ad revenue, and growing! The problem is, these two platforms are becoming overcrowded with like-minded marketers trying to target similar audiences forcing costs to rise while your budgets and targets stay the same.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; I know a way to increase your Sales Conversions.

What would happen if there was another option, or channel to advertise? One wherein a community of consumers is waiting to receive your offers?

I’m sure you’re collecting emails at the cash. Probably hand typing into your POS, with a risk of typing mistakes, maybe the consumer is not even giving you a real email. And why only at the cash? Who said that only consumers making a purchase can provide you with their contact details? Weird. Doesn’t make sense does it? But that’s another rant.

So instead, start collecting mobile numbers, get the customer’s Consent. Send them curated messages at appropriate dates and times by SMS.

See your Sales Conversions increase to nearly 15% at the cash. Your cost will be a fraction of the net results.

Go ahead, make a new slice in your ad budget pie next month. I guarantee you, you will be happy with the results.

Eric Nykamp is CEO of Raange, Inc., Founder at Mamoth-Group, TAARGA, RAANGE and Mamoth-Labs! Internet Strategist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Investor, Husband, Father, Insomniac.

My goal is to elevate traditional brick & mortar retailers to quickly and easily transition to the latest marketing concepts and communication channels, to rebuild trusted dialogue with their past, present, and future customers.

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