Custom Menswear Retailer ‘Surmesur’ Expanding Brick-and-Mortar Operations into New Markets

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Quebec-based Surmesur Custom Menswear creates affordable custom-made clothing with an unwavering focus on customer service. With the recent opening of their new 2,400 square foot store in Ottawa’s Place de Ville (320 Queen Street, next to the future Lyon Station), the company has just upped its game.

“We offer more of a shopping experience,” says Jean-Pierre Lachance, Marketing and Social Media Specialist, Surmesur. “Our personal consultants help the client choose the style and fabric for their new clothing. We provide a comfortable lounge to enjoy espresso or scotch while they shop, and variable lighting so they can see what the fabric will look like in different settings.”

The new location allows Surmesur better access to their target market.

“With the imminent completion of the LRT project, we saw the opportunity to move in with it to be right on the doorstep of both the city’s biggest infrastructure project of the decade and many of our existing clients,” says Vincent Thériault, Surmesur co-founder.

Founded in 2010 by brothers François and Vincent Thériault, Surmesur allows men to create unique clothing, tailor-made to their tastes and offered at off-the-rack or ready-to-wear prices. However, the company is proud to say it still practices traditional tailoring.

“We’ve used technology to help, but we believe humans take the best measurements,” says Lachance. “We also want clients to come in and work with their personal consultant to develop their own clothing style. They can see and touch the fabrics which always helps them make better choices.”

As part of the unique experience, clients can also use in-store touchscreens to see a 3D rendering of what the clothing will look like, and clients can show their consultant a look or style they found online. Surmesur offerings range from custom-made dress shirts, suits, overcoats, to casual shirts and shoes.

In addition to the Ottawa store, Surmesur plans to expand to 25 shops in the next few years. Currently the retailer is in both small and large markets – the first franchisee opened almost a year ago in Vancouver. Their services can also be found in (to name a few) Quebec City, Montreal, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Mexico.

“The thinking in opening outside of Canada was to test the various markets,” explains Thériault. “Pittsburgh is a small market like Quebec City, and our approach is more personalized. Chicago is a large city so we had to market ourselves differently. We wanted to see if the U.S. market was ready for made-to-measure clothing, and it went very well. But at the same time, we have the opportunity to continue to grow in Canada, where our brand is better known.”

For expansion, cities like Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg and Halifax are being considered.

Like everything it does, flexibility and customer service comes first at Surmesur. Its business model incorporates corporate flagship stores and franchisee opportunities. It also includes Shop In-Shop options for savvy retail owners who realize the value of offering their customers that special custom service; Surmesur offers small kiosks in existing off-the-rack clothing stores.

And with custom-made suits starting at just over $400, Surmesur’s “smart price” offers Made-In-Canada quality products at a great price.

Surmesur isn’t currently represented by a broker and the store design is done in-house. The retailer’s ideal location is standalone stores close to where their clients are found and where there is a lot of foot traffic – downtown or inner city. Their current stores range from 1600 – 3000 square feet.

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  1. This is the greatest concept ever. I’m a little guy and don’t fit into most typical men’s clothing (especially underwear, the front part always has waaay too much room). Anyhoo, I like being about to provide my "measurements" and get something in return. I recently mail-ordered a couple from Syria, and when I tried to return them, I was met with resistance as well as men like Carl wearing high heels for some reason.

    Then I tried this ‘Sur-Mesur’ and discovered I CAN HAVE IT MY WAY. So I ordered a style called ‘The Danny’ and I have never felt more fulfilled. Plus it doesn’t’ talk back, nor does it write nasty articles in Xtra West.

    And yes Danny, you ARE my Aladdin and I WILL rub you in the right way.


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