Toronto’s Beach Village BIA Launches Campaign to Bolster Community’s Retail Outlook Amid Challenges

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By Retail Insider

One of Toronto’s most historic communities is taking bold steps to breathe additional life into its retail presence. The Beach Village Business Improvement Area (BIA), along with its PR firm Zenergy Communications, is officially launching its ‘Back to The Beach Village’ campaign this spring and summer with the goal of helping the city’s population rediscover their love for the longstanding neighbourhood and its eclectic mix of retailers, many of which are now geared towards living a health- and wellness-focused lifestyle. The campaign, which will be highlighted regularly in The Beach Village and across the GTA in the coming months, will draw comparisons between the area’s fun-loving beginnings over two centuries ago to its contemporary feel.

“The area was once the city’s most sought-after destination, and we believe that all the elements that initially made it so popular still persist today,” said the BIA’s Executive Director, Anna Sebert, in a recent press release highlighting the new program. “We’ve got so many amazing businesses doing great things and we’re eager to show that there’s never been a better time to rediscover The Beach Village,” Sebert continued.


The ‘Back to The Beach Village’ roll-out will aim to provide a serious boost for the district’s retail businesses by highlighting the various reasons Torontonians should head to the area. By conveying all of the benefits of spending time in The Beach Village – including unique events, modern streetscape implementations and plenty of green space – the BIA hopes to exponentially boost foot-traffic in the region, which remains popular but has lost ground to other hotspot Toronto neighbourhood’s as of late. However, The Beach Village’s BIA says that the area’s lifestyle-driven retailers are one draw that creates a unique experience that patrons won’t find in the rest of the city.

“From our four yoga studios to boutique clothing stores and cozy cafes, we are so fortunate to have the selection we do in The Beach Village,” said Sebert of BIA’s retail draws. “We also have an amazing collection of well-loved mom and pop retailers that have been serving the area for decades.”

The idea that an integrated marketing campaign will help bolster retail prospects in the region isn’t a new one and it has worked for other BIAs in Toronto in the past. The Leslieville BIA turned heads with its ‘Take a Detour to Leslieville’ campaign in 2014, which took top honours at the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas’ (TABIA) Awards that year and was considered a substantial success. In fact, marketing campaigns driven by the city’s BIAs have become increasingly popular as of late as Toronto’s various wards vie for increased foot-traffic and the boost in retail sales that go along with it.

The “Back to The Beach Village” campaign will feature components of digital and physical marketing, media relations, public relations and social media marketing tailored to the locale’s various events and happenings going forward. Creative work will include both retro elements highlighting The Beach Village’s quaint past, coupled with more contemporary imagery depicting the area’s modern feel. The hashtag #BackToTheBeachVillage will be used throughout the campaign, as well. If successful, many BIAs in the city looking for a boost could look towards The Beach Village and Zenergy model as a proven way to curtail retail sluggishness going forward. 

Photos by: Jacqueline Shaver



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