Four Grade-11 Girls Launch Women-Centric Brand ‘She Clothing Co.’

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By Kayla Matthews

Most students in Grade 11 are concerned with deciding what college they wish to attend or what they want to do with the rest of their lives while enjoying their final years of high school.

For four girls from Toronto, they didn’t want to wait until graduation. Three years ago, they turned their dream into a reality and started She Clothing Co. Who are the minds behind She Clothing Co.? What are they doing differently, and why are they making headlines in 2019?

The Minds Behind She Clothing Co.

She Clothing Co. is the brainchild of a quartet of young women from Toronto:

  • Laura David, who handles communications and sourcing
  • Alara Karahan, the company’s marketing and social media director
  • Jordan Murrell, She Clothing’s finance director
  • Lara Ground, the company’s creative director

Each of these accomplished young women has taken the message, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” to heart, creating a clothing company that lets them get their point across.

“Launching a clothing brand while also being a high school student has been a rewarding experience, to say the least,” David told Retail Insider. “It’s taught us a lot about how to balance various activities at once and it’s also given us real-world skills that you can’t find in a classroom.”

“We started planning and came up with the idea over the summer of 2017,” says Murrell, “so I don’t think we were even thinking about the possible impact that school would have on us running this business at first. Overall, it was harder than we thought it would be — trying to find time between all of us to coordinate and communicate, but we learned that it’s all about finding balance.”

That desire to change the world is part of the fabric of every shirt, hat and hoodie this groundbreaking company creates.


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