Millennials and Gen Z Express Frustration in Retail Job Seeking Process

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By Stephanie Florio

When you think of apps like Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, and Twitter, what do they have in common? It’s Millennials and Gen Z. Now more than ever, Millennials and Gen Z have information readily available at their fingertips. However, even with all this evolving technology, the way to apply to jobs never changed. Prior to launching Swob in November of 2017, we spent a year meeting Millennials and Gen Z’ers to learn about how they apply to jobs and their frustrations in doing so.

What quickly became evident and a consistent theme was the lack of resources and tools to help them in their employment search. While the ‘full-time, professional’ market has resources, there was nothing available for young job seekers and students. It was surprising to learn how common it is for young job seekers to print out resumes and spend hours handing them out to employers. For most, this was a frustrating experience. They felt their resume would get lost in a pile and never truly considered. This is why we developed Swob!


Swob is a social recruitment platform that helps employers in high turnover industries find real time, local applicants, quickly and easily. Similar to “Tinder”, once a job seeker downloads the app and answer a few simple questions, they can then swipe right to apply for a posted position, or left to ignore. They are able to filter jobs by distance, industry and type of employment desired.

Swob has seen tremendous growth amongst young job seekers. “It’s relevant to this audience and it’s something they understand will help make their employment search easier” says Alexander, Co-Founder of Swob. However, employers in high turnover industries struggle to retain staff, which has become a real problem. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for these employers to retain and find talent, with turnover exceeding 80% per year. Young job seekers are looking for tools like Swob and are moving away from traditional methods. It has become increasingly more important for employers, especially employers in high turnover industries, to adapt to new methods and not fall behind on new trends. 


At Swob, we listened to this underserved audience, and built Swob to help this underserved market. Listening to your target audience is critical, especially when trying to recruit them. “Anytime we say Swob is the “Tinder” for jobs, they understand the reference and download the app instantly” says Stephanie, Co-Founder of Swob. 

To date, Swob has helped many young job seekers find meaningful employment and is working with companies such as McDonald’s, Virgin Mobile Canada, The Source, Tim Hortons, Cactus Club, etc. 

Use the platform and language that millennials resonate with and understand. Let Swob focus on bringing the right candidates to you. Visit and sign up for our 7 Day Free Trial. 

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