Lightspeed Launches eCom for Restaurants

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Lightspeed has announced the release of eCom for Restaurant to help the food and beverage industry adapt to the evolving global regulations when it comes to foodservice.

The new Bon Appetit theme is specifically designed to help Lightspeed Restaurant users seamlessly transition their businesses online and integrate new revenue streams that will lead to long-term growth. 

Lightspeed has also partnered with McGill University and Canada Post to channel this need for reinvention and to re-imagine the hospitality industry in a post-COVID world with the “The Hospitality Innovation Challenge”.

The white paper showcases insights that point to an omnichannel strategy being key for restaurant success as they navigate the new business landscape. Businesses who use Lightspeed Restaurant and implement the Bon Appetit eCom template are better equipped to adapt to re-opening and the continuation of delivery and pick-up services. Restaurateurs will benefit from an easy-to-set up and fully-customizable website that also includes several noteworthy features to help retain meaningful customer relationships and future-proof their business:

  • Display Menu and Unique Offerings for Sale: Publish digital menus that can be integrated with QR codes, showcase artisanal products, offer a curated selection of fresh produce and more
  • Linking to Delivery Platforms: Allows customers to conveniently order ahead online through integrations with key delivery partners such as Uber Eats and Order Ahead 
  • OpenTable Integration: Provides an easy-to-use reservation tool for customers by seamlessly connecting OpenTable to a restaurant’s website 

  • Instagram Integration: Strengthens the online community by sharing inspiration, information and updates through an Instagram feed’s visibility on the website 

“The hospitality industry has been permanently altered by COVID-19 and as a leading technology company, it’s our responsibility to provide solutions that are designed to support the industry during this unprecedented time,” says Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed. “Our eCommerce for Restaurant solution equips restaurateurs with the right tools to establish their online presence and increase revenue, while also providing an online hub for their customers.” 

McGill University, Lightspeed, and Canada Post Partner on the Future of Hospitality 

The new student-driven white paper published by McGill University in partnership with Lightspeed and Canada Post titled “The Hospitality Innovation Challenge,” puts forth tactics restaurateurs should implement in order to future-proof their business, including adapting forward-looking technology and creating an omnichannel experience. 

In “The Hospitality Innovation Challenge,” 80 teams of undergraduate and MBA students from 20 universities across Canada were invited to ideate actionable solutions to assist real businesses in finding a path to profitability as consumer behaviours continue to change. Co-commissioned by enterprise and academia, the study sought to rethink the food sector for a post-pandemic world, revealing that the best ways for restaurateurs to pave a path to profitability were to expand their digital footprint, foster stronger customer relationships by rebuilding confidence, and stabilize cash flow through multiple revenue streams – most of which will be supported by the technology of Lightspeed’s eCom for Restaurant solution. 

The full white paper can be viewed here.

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