Downtown Winnipeg Hudson’s Bay Store Shut Permanently on Monday

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Iconic Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay has announced that its Winnipeg store has been closed months before the planned exit of the massive Portage and Memorial location.

The store has been shut since earlier this month along with other ‘non-essential’ retailers in Manitoba. Hudson’s Bay says that it made the decision to shut the store early in light of the situation.

When the company first confirmed their intentions to exit the Winnipeg landmark in October, we had the opportunity to go back in time and relive the highlights. News organizations across Canada, including our publication, put together newsreels of footage from the last 94 years at this iconic location.

The inner workings of this building will be discussed moving forward, as the complications will surround a 2019 historical designation from the Winnipeg City Council. Any future occupant of the location must preserve the aesthetic while honouring the historic and cultural significance.

The Bay department store in downtown Winnipeg has closed as of Monday, November 30th, 2020. Photo: Hudson’s Bay Company

With COVID-19 closures and lockdowns taking place across the country, many retailers are struggling.

Department stores have been downsizing over the years and Hudson’s Bay is considered to be the remaining traditional department store in Canada. In years past, the retailer competed with names such as Eaton’s, Woodward’s, Simpson’s, Morgan’s and others.

We will be following this breaking story as Hudson’s Bay prepares to close its downtown Edmonton store this fall as well.

Hudson Bay Company 1926 Store Opening in Winnipeg: Lee Clarence



  1. I’m surprised that the bay has lasted as long as it has. It’s a dinosaur and should have died a long time ago. It has always catered to the old white clientele who are no longer around.


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