Samsung ‘Business TV’ Video Screens Meeting Growing Need for Contactless Communication in Local Retail Businesses

In the spring of this year, Samsung introduced its Business TV to the Canadian market as a new offering for businesses. The advanced television technology provides affordable and easy-to-use digital displays with cutting-edge innovations. Retailers that are already using it say that the dynamic video screens are a welcome addition to their businesses.

The Samsung Business TV technology can be programmed for a wide range of messaging such as menus and products offerings, producing dynamic visuals that get a consumer’s attention. The easy-to-manage digital signage provides contactless communications which are especially desirable during these challenging times.

Samsung Business TV was designed for small business owners as a user-friendly screen that delivers a brilliant visual experience for 16-hours a day, seven days a week, with ultra-high-definition displays in a range of sizes to fit any space.

Businesses that have already implemented the Samsung Business TV technology say that they are spending less time dealing with technical issues and thus have more time to spend focusing on their business. The Business TV technology, they say, helps maximize digital communication on-site to showcase creative and advertising content alongside TV programming, all at once.

One store that recently installed Samsung Business TV is retailer Peace Collective, which operates a store at 131 Ossington Avenue in Toronto. “Inside our Ossington Peace Collective location, we run a gourmet milkshake bar called Peace Treats that sees really high foot traffic,” said Roman Hessary, Head of Growth and Managing Partner at Peace Collective.

Samsung Business TV. Photo: Samsung
Samsung Business TV. Photo: Samsung

“We wanted a digital screen that was as clean as possible to complement our minimalist style. The Samsung Business TV fit perfectly into what we were looking for. It replaced two TVs and allowed us to display both our menu and visual content on one screen, which we can update and control through a simple app on our device,” he said.

Another Toronto-based retailer, Cheese Boutique, found that it was easily able to showcase its offerings on the dynamic Samsung Business TV screens that were installed this year at Cheese Boutique’s storefront at 45 Ripley Avenue in Toronto’s Swansea neighbourhood.

“In the boutique, we want to be able to promote our cheeses, showcase our own content and run TV programming for our customers,” said Co-Owner and Maître Fromager Afrim Pristine. “Previously, we had a graphic designer creating templated content and an AV technician updating our screens constantly.”

“Samsung Business TVs give us pre-loaded templates for everything we could possibly need from seasonal sale to promotions to motion-embedded content.” Mr. Pristine went on to say. “It gives us the premium visuals we were spending a lot of time trying to make from scratch with a few easy clicks in the Samsung Business TV app.”

Samsung’s aim was to make its Business TV product cost-effective for small businesses, while also making it easy to use.

“We know many business owners are time-strapped and have limited resources but need to keep up with customers’ expectations in our technology-friendly environments. Samsung Business TV was designed to offer businesses of all sizes a simple and affordable solution that they can manage themselves and quickly integrate into their business to ensure they are meeting customers’ needs,” said Mary Peterson, Vice President, IT & Enterprise Solutions at Samsung Electronics Canada. “I’m thrilled to see the technology driving value for our customers,” she went on to say.

Samsung brought together the brand’s expertise in commercial signage displays with its advanced TV technology intending to provide businesses with impactful visuals.

During these rapidly changing times amid the pandemic, digital signage from Samsung helps businesses dynamically communicate how they are operating and serving their communities while maintaining physical distancing. With Samsung Business TV, for example, retailers can showcase store-entry bulletins such as store hours and customer capacity, physical distancing and safety protocols and product availability and promotions. The digital displays can also facilitate checkout guidance such as wait time and customer lineup details, branded messaging and community support and pick-up or checkout procedures.

TVs with advanced visual capabilities have become more affordable for businesses as visual display technology continues to be approved and costs come down. In today’s media-saturated environment, many small business owners are saying that they want to directly manage their own digital and video channels, leaving behind outdated and costly printed materials that were previously used for customer communication.

The Business TV lineup from Samsung delivers an eye-catching visual experience with ultra-high-definition resolution in a range of sizes to fit any space or budget. The Crystal Display ensures optimized colour expression while the High-Dynamic Range improves brightness levels to better catch the attention of potential customers.

Samsung Business TV also comes with an impressive three-year warranty.

Small businesses are attracted to Samsung’s Business TV for its ease of use, which is a good thing particularly when a storefront has only one or two people working within. The technology was developed to enable quick and simple set up. Business owners or employees can easily switch on their Samsung Business TV and follow the how-to guide on the screen. The guide explains how to download the Samsung Business TV app, available for Android and iOS devices, and how to pair the two together.

An automatic running feature maximizes the convenience of the Samsung Business TV range. Users can control settings using an On and Off Timer. Once the TV switches itself on an initial set-up, it will auto boot the Samsung Business TV App which means that the TV can run automatically each day without the need to reprogram. Paired TVs will automatically show on a user’s Android or iOS device, which allows users to deploy content to the TV or even on multiple TVs at once. The Samsung Business TV range also offers an operating time of 16 hours a day, seven days per week.

Users can quickly and effortlessly play professional content on their TV screens by choosing from a range of pre-designed templates, then editing their selected image and text before sending it to the TV. The app includes a mobile-friendly user interface for easy content editing and supports more than 100 templates for non-experts. These include over 30 L-Bar templates which allow companies to play promotion content while TV programming remains on screen. Motion-embedded templates and seasonal promotion templates can be updated periodically.

The Samsung Business TV range also includes secured pairing with the Samsung Business TV app using an easy PIN code setup. It further includes a panel button lock and a USB port lock for added security to give business owners peace of mind.

The range of Samsung Business TVs includes full-size variation with 43, 50, 55, 65, 70, and 75-inch size options available in Canada. Featuring a sleek design in carbon silver, the Samsung Business TV provides a truly immersive viewing experience.

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