Walmart Adding MediSpas to Canadian Stores with Jack Nathan Partnership

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Jack Nathan Health, operating in Walmart stores across Canada, is expanding the types of services that their medical practitioners can offer patients with the recent acquisition of two Redeem MediSpa clinics.

MediSpa offers a complete range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments for conditions such as Botox, migraines, laser therapy, anti-aging, face and body skin tightening, PRP therapies, hair loss, and joint pain.

“This transaction is in lock-step with Jack Nathan Health’s mission to provide patients with accessible, convenient and quality healthcare by expanding the range of services and treatment options available to both practitioners and patients,” said George Bakart, CEO and Chairman of Jack Nathan Health, which operates in 76 Walmart Canada locations.

“Bringing MediSpa under the Jack Nathan Health banner will drive both immediate revenue and the long-term growth trajectory as we work first to integrate these two locations and then open additional locations in the coming months.”

Redeem MediSpa inside a Walmart Canada. Photo: Walmart
Redeem MediSpa inside a Walmart Canada. Photo: Walmart

The first two locations are in southern Ontario — inside JNH medical walk-in clinics in Maple (Vaughan) and Brampton.

The integration of MediSpa will be led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Glenn Copeland, who brings expertise in building and leading multidisciplinary healthcare operations to this initiative.

“The acquisition of MediSpa provides a unique opportunity to further entrench Jack Nathan Health as a full-service provider of quality services, deepening our ability to close the circle of care for each patient by attending to their unique needs,” said Copeland. “I look forward to driving this integration forward as we expand our range of services, including the expansion of our digital footprint through the addition of an e-commerce platform and retail product offerings.”

Jack Nathan Health was established in 2006 and continues to expand its international footprint, delivering state-of-the-art, turn-key medical centres in 76 Walmart locations across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, as well as 11 locations in Mexico.

Sam Hamam, Senior Director of Licensees for Walmart Canada, said the retailer is “excited about the potential to partner with Jack Nathan Health to expand their services to include MediSpa to help our customers live better”.

Barakat said one of Walmart’s key demographics is the aging population with one in four people being over the age of 65 within 10 years.

“So healthcare, notwithstanding Jack Nathan Health, is a prime directive of I believe all retailers, not just Walmart,” he said.

“We thought it would be an excellent alignment considering MediSpas are moving more to provider care or provider supervision. So for us coming out of COVID, notwithstanding where the world is going, we believe that because we have the right doctors in place and the MediSpas within our medical locations this would be an excellent opportunity for us to complete that circle of healthcare or add to that circle of healthcare and potentially taking care of patients through MediSpa from the outside in.

Jack Nathan MediSpa in the Walmart Supercentre in Thornhill. Photo: Peterborough Examiner
Jack Nathan MediSpa in the Walmart Supercentre in Thornhill. Photo: Peterborough Examiner

“MediSpa provides surgical and non-surgical treatments, it expands the stickiness of Jack Nathan Health clients as we’re able to offer expanded service offerings relevant to their wellbeing, potentially to help them live their best lives. We thought this was a very strategic acquisition to expand forward. In the next 12 to 18 months we’ve already put in plans to open eight new locations for MediSpa and I believe that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can see MediSpa expanding into most of our footprint.”

Barakat said Jack Nathan Health locations range in size from 1,500 square feet to the location in Vaughan that is 8,200 square feet.

He said the company believes it is going to revolutionize healthcare by providing a patient first experience both in-clinic and virtually.

“We approached healthcare, in partnership with Walmart, of bringing the clinic to the patient. Now we’ve evolved that into a digital experience to complement our brick and mortar experience. We keep that always at the top of mind — how can we improve better patient outcomes, always putting front and centre the patient first. And more importantly moving forward, how do we further co-locate specialist services to complement our physician services so that we can help everybody nationally and internationally — and their families — live their best lives by providing availability in the community for healthcare through Jack Nathan Health.”

Barakat said the company is looking at several locations in Canada for the expansion of Jack Nathan Health.

“We’re looking at quite a few locations for Walmart Mexico. We received another 50 locations for Walmart Mexico. We have a couple of locations already for this year for Walmart Canada. We believe that we’re going to be expanding our footprint quite rapidly within Canada as well.”

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