Invisible Face Mask ‘Mingle Mask’ Targets Businesses in Canada as Restrictions Lift

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Mingle Mask is targeting Canadian retailers and foodservice businesses with its eco-friendly invisible, ergonomic mask that provides protection while also allowing one’s face to be completely visible. Retail Insider readers get 10% off orders with code RI-21 and can contact Kara Kelly at

The Mingle Mask is said to be comfortable enough to wear all day long — the one-size-fits-all face mask has an innovative chin guard that comfortably rests against the face, ensuring eyeglasses don’t fog up. The chin guard also helps keep material away from the face which makes it easy to wear lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss while keeping the face cooler than a regular mask. Many may have already seen restaurant workers in Canada wearing them.

 “Mingle Mask is the ideal transitional mask for consumers who still want protection but don’t require a medical-grade mask,” said Rick Sutton, founder and CEO of Mingle Mask. “Mingle Mask offers a transparent plastic barrier to help protect the wearer from airborne droplets. The unique design allows for easy breathing and maximum air flow while keeping the wearer and anyone around them safe. The mask opens at the top for easy breathing and maximum airflow.”

The highly breathable masks use Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved reusable and recyclable materials. Each mask is lightweight, includes comfortable ear hook holders designed for long-term wear and easy to clean and sanitize in-between uses.

“Mingle Mask is perfect for consumers who want to reduce health concerns such as pollution and flu exposure, protect themselves from new COVID variants, attend large social gatherings or prefer to gradually adjust to going back to normal,” said Sutton. “They also solve the problem for businesses who are not ready to eliminate the mask mandate for fear of exposing their workforce, such as employees at restaurants, schools, foodservice venues, hotels and more.”

Mingle Masks are reusable and easily cleaned. Breaking down communication barriers created by the visual obstruction of traditional masks, Mingle Masks increase customer engagement and general morale in retail and hospitality environments.

The masks are 100% Canadian made, with the distribution centre located in Ontario. The company ships nationwide and provides wholesale pricing for resellers and distributors.

Those interested in bulk orders can contact Kara Kelly at and get 10% off your order with code RI-21.

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  1. many nice features but being open at the top does not make it safe from our droplets escaping or the Covid from others getting down inside where we would breath them in. could you please explain to me how this is safe? I know a work place where they supply the employees with these but they still mush wear a cloth mask that can be molded over the nose , beneath the Mingle Mask.
    Best regards, Kathy B


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