Breaking Down Barriers to Great Careers in Retail

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Recent reports around employment trends indicate many people are ‘sheltering in their job’ until the pandemic is over. Retail is no exception.

For some, working in front-line retail is a step along a diverse career path, whereas for others it is a gateway opportunity to an exciting retail career, flourishing in different roles throughout a retail organization. Now is the perfect time for progressive retailers to strengthen their bond with valuable staff and demonstrate to them the bright career path that is possible.

Retail Council of Canada’s virtual Retail Human Resources Forum on March 22, 2022, will explore how retailers across Canada are putting their people first, building communities, and providing the flexibility and opportunities for growth and engagement their employees and customers are craving.

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Tim Dumas, Chief Operating Officer, Jak’s Beer, Wine and Spirits, will speak with Kevin Graff, President Graff Retail, and share how Jak’s has cultivated a strong community bond and a unified sense of purpose. Tim will discuss the shift he has seen in his team and why breaking down barriers between personal and professional lives is integral for holistic engagement.

Longo’s has also benefited by focusing on their employees’ experience and setting team members up for success. Liz Volk, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Alex Green, Chief Marketing Officer, will explore Longo’s definition of collaboration and discuss the importance of employee success in ensuring consistent and remarkable customer experiences.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion ranks top of mind for all retailers. Special guest Glodean Champion is a transformational leader, coach, educator, and facilitator, who works to get to the root cause of culturally based challenges by transforming beliefs, behaviors, and assumptions. Glodean will host an exceptional session explaining how to build trust and authentic engagement for meaningful change within a retail organization.

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RCC’s Retail Human Resources Forum will inform and inspire with discussions on the latest trends and best practices for building stronger retail teams and communities. The packed half-day agenda provides more details on the insightful, educational sessions on tap.

Opportunities for a thrilling career in retail are boundless – in Canada and globally. Retailers who are passionate about building the future of retail will not want to miss this event.

Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Human Resources Forum will be hosted virtually on March 22, 2022, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm ET. Tickets are available at



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