Calgary-Based Suit Company Creates Fashions for Major Celebrities: Interview

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Dimitry Toukhcher, president of LGFG Fashion House, describes his business as a “little homegrown Calgary suit company” but since its inception in 2010 it has developed into a fashion house for famous musicians, actors, athletes and business executives.

Recently, it designed a whole new wardrobe for icon Alice Cooper – an entire series of suits covering his career.

Toukhcher said he started the business out of his condo building in downtown Calgary.

“I was basically selling suits. Cold calling different lawyers and stuff and going to their offices and kind of started building a business,” he said. 

“LGFG is a custom tailoring company where our executive clothiers (tailors) visit clients right in their office or home, saving them valuable time, while delivering designed-in-England, top-of-the-line customs suits, shirts and related accessories. It just kind of grew from then.”

In recent years, the company has pivoted. The business model has evolved to visiting clients in their homes now as well as their offices where the concept began. In the beginning, the Fashion House focused on suits and sport coats up until 2020 but since then there has also been the sale of casual clothing and accessories. 

Highly-trained clothiers, tailors, visit clients to create the clothing for them.

Canadian heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis has been a well-known client, wearing the clothing on Fox Sports during television commentary. 

“One of the coolest things in 2016 I got to do suits for a Hollywood movie which was pretty awesome and that was Skyscraper which was one of the Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) movies,” said Toukhcher. “I made 12 suits for that movie and flew them to Vancouver to deliver those because they were filming there.”

The connection to Alice Cooper came from an actual “cold” email.

“We were basically looking for somebody that we thought would capture our brand. We sort of like to be a little bit non-conformist, a little bit stylish. We always thought of ourselves as like rock and roll in a very sort of classical music market,” said Toukhcher. “When you’re selling luxury clothing, it’s all about being chic and very classy and we’re like a younger company. Even though Alice Cooper is not a younger rocker, we just thought man he’s a fashion icon, he’s somebody that stands for what we like with disruption and stuff. 

“So we thought hey let’s give it a shot. We cold emailed him and we got a reply. We have kind of a partnership with him. We said hey you can get clothing anywhere, anyone will give you clothing, whatever, but what we want to do is actually design a wardrobe for you that really encapsulates your career and tells your story to a younger audience. Obviously Alice Cooper is very famous with your generation, my generation, but as a new generation of rock fans and music fans emerge, his sort of media was always touring and radio. It wasn’t like Instagram and TikTok and all these social media platforms.

“And so we said look if we can tell your story through a wardrobe, obviously a younger generation is always into clothing and style, then you’ll have another channel to access a new audience to tell about your legacy.”

Toukhcher said the company did 12 suits for Cooper and each suit was complemented with shirts, shoes. And each of the suits tell a unique story about Alice Cooper. 

“And we have videos of each of those stories on top of having photographs. We have a series of 24 videos that tell the story about Alice Cooper and the outfits in which it’s told that he will be releasing at some point through his social media to tell his story.”

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