Sephora Opens 1st Retail Store in a Canadian Transit Hub at Union Station in Toronto [Interview/Photos]

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Sephora Canada has opened its first retail store inside a Canadian transit hub – the Toronto Union Station. 

The new location offers Sephora’s full assortment of makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances. Customers will be able to find Sephora’s Collection along with more than 340 other beauty brands such as Tatcha, Olaplex, and Rare Beauty. Customers will also have access to makeup and skincare services. 

For commuters, this location is perfect as it is accessible from the TTC, Go Transit, or the VIA Rail.  

Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Gregory Bruyer

“We want to make sure we do very well in this specific store,” says Gregory Bruyer, the SVP General Manager of Sephora Canada. “We want to provide an amazing experience as we have customers buying products and then rushing off to the train.”

The new store spans 4,175 square feet in the Bay Street Promenade at Union Station, which will make it accessible for customers who commute. As this store is the first retail store in a transit hub, Sephora wants to make sure the location is extremely efficient. 

“Being efficient will be important for this location as our customers are most likely going to work or catching the next train. Either customers want to spend time there or they just want to pick up their products and go,” says Bruyer.

100th Store Opening this November 

Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)

The Toronto Union Station location is the 38th Sephora store in Ontario and the 89th store in Canada for Sephora, and customers can expect 14 more this year. 

“We are opening 14 stores this year and are opening 15 stores next year, it is a huge commitment to grow our network in Canada and provide a full retail experience,” says Bruyer. 

Sephora wants all Canadians to have access to either shop online or buy in store, so the retailer is looking for locations that will reach people who are moving to remote locations. Jeff Berkowitz of Aurora Realty Consultants is negotiating the leases on behalf of Sephora.

Along with the new stores opening, Sephora will be celebrating its 100th store opening this year in Canada in November. 

Sephora Retail Experience 

Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)

Sephora is now offering same day delivery to enhance customers experiences. Even throughout the pandemic, Sephora was successful in providing excellent customer service. 

“During Covid-19 many retailers were facing some challenges in terms of delivery, but even at peak times or promotions, we were delivering more than 90 percent of products in under two days,” says Bruyer. “So right now, we are doing same day delivery, and we are focused on this strategy.” 

Sephora’s makeup services are doing extremely well Bruyer says. Customers coming into the new store will have three options for makeup services: 30-minutes, 60-minutes, or Sephora’s 90-minute service. 

“In retail, if you are able to provide excitement, enjoyment, and get people leaving the store with a smile, boost their energy, and confidence then it is amazing,” says Bruyer. “We are super excited about this new location, and we truly believe in customer service, and we are excited to expand our stores.” 

Toronto based Beauleigh Retail Consultants and Osmington have worked together through the creative process to create the retail vision for Union Station.

See below for more photos of the unique Union Station Sephora store.

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Additional Photos of the Sephora at Toronto’s Union Station

Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)
Union Station Sephora (Image: Arash Moallemi / Sephora Canada)

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