Retail Marketing’s Latest, Most Effective, Nuanced Strategies to Meaningfully Connect Consumers and Brands

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As consumers, and the brands that seek to build relationships with them, face both competitive and cost pressures, how do retail marketers win hearts and wallets? What are the most powerful tools to grow relevance, loyalty, and drive sales?  

Retail Council of Canada’s Retail Marketing Conference, hosted in person this year on September 8, 2022, at the Delta Hotel in downtown Toronto, is an exceptional full day conference for retail marketers across Canada to share how they are overcoming today’s challenges, actively connecting with consumers, and responsibly growing their brands and businesses.  

Conference Topics

Digital behaviours that were once feared, such as showrooming or price comparisons, are now being leveraged to help build early connections with consumers, especially gen-z. This shift in retail strategy is reflected in many of the featured sessions on the main stage.

  • Also shifting is the focus on how marketers are contextualizing “making life better” for customers. Eva Salem, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Brand with Canadian Tire Corporation shares how their 100th Anniversary has both refreshed the brand and appropriately highlighted the unique emotional motivators that connect Canadians from coast-to-coast to the Canadian Tire brand.
  • Meta Canada’s Head of Agency, Nish Shah, looks at how brands can add depth to their storytelling and build unforgettable experiences. Nish shares how platforms can be leveraged to increase visibility and maximize audience engagement. 
  • Lindsay Carter, Direct to Consumer Retail, Google Canada, shares research on the latest shopper insights and marketing innovations that will help Canadian retailers of all sizes both stay agile and improve their bottom-line. Lindsay also shares a sneak peak of what is in the Google pipeline for retail marketers.
  • Personalization and relevance also extend to positioning and timing of unique product assortments. As Canada’s consumer landscape evolves, the idea of a “holiday season” is also changing. Howard Lichtman, Partner and Co-Founder of Ethnicity Matters, unpacks the growth opportunities in cultural holidays, including Diwali, Eid, Dragonboat Festival, Holi, and Singles Day, amongst others. Howard shares how to strategically consider these occasions and market them with confidence so that consumers can appreciate a how a brand prioritizes its connection to it consumers over the sale itself.
  • RCC’s Retail Marketing Conference would not be complete without the critical conversations on flyer marketing. Caddle’s Chief Revenue Officer Colleen Martin shares the very latest information on consumer behavior as impacted by the economy and what this means for the future of flyers. reebee’s Mark Smith joins the conversation, sharing unique insights on the evolving flyer ecosystem. 

This year Retail Council of Canada is offering its Retail Members the best prices with a new duo conference pass. Register with a colleague to save $50, or, register your team of 5 or more for 20% off. Early bird rates for associate members and non-members ends August 8, 2022.

View the agenda and register today. 

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