Exclusive: LUSH Cosmetics to Launch Lush Spa Concept Locations in Canada [Interview]

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For the first time ever, Lush will be introducing Lush Spa to Canada. The new concept, currently only available outside of North America will be launching at one Lush location in Canada to start with plans to further expand in the future. Lush is also looking to grow its retail footprint in Canada and add new collections to its line-up including make-up and candles just to name a few.

Brandi Halls

Opening in July 2023, Lush is launching a Lush Spa at an existing location at 1020 Robson Street in Vancouver. The retail space is 2339 square feet and will be divided into retail space and spa treatment rooms. Instead of opening a new store, Lush will be refreshing the Robson location to incorporate the new spa. 

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be refreshing our Robson Street location to include a Lush spa, the first of its kind in Canada,” says Brandi Halls, the Chief Ethics Officer of Lush in North America. Bringing more of these larger, experiential shops to the Canadian market is a key part of our growth strategy. We know consumers are craving connection and experience and we hope that Lush shops can be that for that place for them.”

Halls was excited to share this spa will have the same service menu as the ones in the UK and will have three treatment rooms, one being reserved for an immersive Book a Bath treatment. 

Book A Bath 

Book a Bath (Oxford Street) Image: Lush

Along with traditional spa services, such as massages and facials, Lush Spa will be including the Book a Bath treatment. 

“The spa allows our customers to be immersed in both traditional and non-traditional treatments for the face and body. We are particularly excited to introduce customers to the new Book a Bath Treatment which is a bath experience like no other.”

“Imagine a bathroom that captures the essence of some of our unique products. But this isn’t just about our famous bath bombs. Throughout this indulgent bath experience our customers are paired with products, soundtracks and other surprises to elevate this multi-sensory experience.”

The Book a Bath Treatment is a 30 minute treatment that is offered at three of the Lush spas in the UK. Currently they are offering an immersive experience inspired by The Lakes Bath Bomb but who knows which bath bomb may inspire the first experience in Canada. Fans will have to wait to find out.

“Blending of the Senses” 

Liverpool Spa (Image: Lush)

Halls said the signature Lush Spa treatment is Synaesthesia, where customers choose how they would like to feel and the 80 minute full-body massage experience is tailored just to them. 

“This treatment is completely bespoke and multi-sensory. I promise you it is unlike any other massage you will have ever experienced. It truly is the blending of all the senses. Everything that you hear, taste, smell, and feel during this treatment is determined by how you want to feel. And this is just one of the many treatments we will be offering at the Lush spa”

Halls said that Lush wants to bring the fun, excitement and community back to the in-store shopping experience in North America. The spas are just one way that Lush hopes to get shoppers out from behind their screens and into stores.

Liverpool Spa (Image: Lush)

The new spa concept is looking to expand across Canada but currently locations of spa expansions are unknown.  

“The spas really are the quintessential Lush experience. We know that our loyal Canadian fans have been long awaiting these luxurious treatments and the time is near. The spas allow us to take our stellar customer experience to a whole new level.”

New Store in Oshawa Ontario Opening in November 

Lush Renderings for Oshawa Centre (Image: Lush)
Lush Renderings for Oshawa Centre (Image: Lush)

Opening in November, Lush will be adding an additional location in Oshawa. 

“We saw such a tremendous response from our loyal fans at our temporary pop-up location in Oshawa, we have decided to open a permanent location in the Oshawa Centre.” 

The new location will be the traditional Lush store, unfortunately no spa, and will be 1600 square feet. Customers can find a full extent of its products, and new ones as Lush is expanding its makeup selection, adding self-preserving moisturizers, and candles with best-selling fragrances.

“You can expect a lot of product innovation from Lush this year. We are growing our make-up collection with an extended range of eyeliners and lipsticks hitting shops. It has been quite some time since we expanded our colours so this is very exciting for our fans. You’ll also see new self-preserving versions of some of our best-selling facial moisturizers launching as well as monthly subscriptions boxes with limited edition products arriving at your doorstep.”

“Striving to leave the planet lusher than we found it”

Lush Renderings for Oshawa Centre (Image: Lush)

As Lush continues to grow, the company says that it is mindful of its impact on people, animals and the planet.

“We strive to leave the planet lusher than when we found it and this is at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that being a sustainable business is no longer enough, we are now focused on being regenerative and circular in how we operate.” 

To take actions further, Halls says Lush has an ambitious ‘Climate and Nature To-Do list’ including radically reducing its transport emissions, moving to 100% renewable energy, standing up for climate justice and making materials used regenerative and circular.

“Our first approach to packaging is always to avoid it, so over 60 percent of Lush’s products are sold naked. We are the inventors of solid shampoo bars, by using one of these bars our customers save three plastic shampoo bottles from hitting landfill. Just imagine if everyone switched to solid shampoo.”

Lush Renderings for Oshawa Centre (Image: Lush)

Lush has also updated its Bring It Back reward program where it takes back its plastic pots and recycles them into new pots. The retailer rewards its customers by offering them one dollar off purchase for every pot returned, or a free face mask with the return of five pots.

“We are incredibly lucky because all of our innovation is happening in house. We are a highly innovative brand, and we are still privately owned so all these things set us up beautifully for continued growth.”

While growing its company from inside and out, Lush is looking to continue to contribute to the community while meeting the needs of its customers.

“We know the bigger the brand gets, the more good we can do. We have big dreams of greater brand awareness, more access for our customers, larger shops, faster delivery. We definitely aspire to do more and to do it better – and that is the Lush way”.

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