Foot Locker Launches Canada-Only Collection in Local Partnership [Interview/Photos]

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Le Cartel, a Montreal streetwear brand, has partnered with Foot Locker to showcase its newest designs created by local artists.

The brand opened in 2015 in Montreal and since then has grown to include over 50 collections, three of which will be now available in 17 Foot Locker locations throughout Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and will also be available online. Foot Locker will be displaying Le Cartel under its Home Grown platform where Foot Locker showcases local designers in the US and Canada.

Behind the Brand

Le Cartel at Foot Locker (Image: Kevin Millet / Le Cartel)

The founder of Le Cartel, Pierre Sauvage, moved to Montreal from Europe and wanted to create a brand combining Europe with North America, something Sauvage said he has not seen before in Europe.

“I arrived in Montreal in 2013 and I was really impressed by this mix of Montreal. Montreal has a lot of festivals, vivid artists, and has a vibrant scene, so the idea was to mix these with fashion, and it was the first idea I had back in the days. The brand is about being someone from Europe arriving to Montreal and expressing the new city which is a mix between Europe and North America, a mix between French and English, and a mix of city vibes,” says Sauvage.

Le Cartel brings original fashion and collaborating with artists is the DNA of the brand as it has been using local artists since the beginning. When a customer purchases a product from Le Cartel, 10 percent of the proceeds go directly to the artist. The products from Le Cartel are all locally designed, and 50 percent of the products are made in Canada. It includes a variety of collections for men, women, and kids. Le Cartel’s price ranges are between 40 to 100 dollars.

New Partnership

Le Cartel at Foot Locker on Yonge Street in Toronto (Image: Dustin Fuhs)
Image: Le Cartel / Foot Locker Canada

The Hall of Fame collection launched on September 16th. Customers can find the collection online at and in 17 Foot Locker locations throughout Toronto, Vancouver, and in Montreal.

“We have been working on this collaboration for 14 months, so it has been a big milestone for us to live. For the next couple of weeks and months we are focused on this and being stronger. We are already speaking with the Foot Locket team to see what will happen next year with the partnership.”

Customers can find a variety of clothing including hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. The collection will showcase three Montreal artists: Petiton, Epithumia Rose, and Farah Allegue.

Le Cartel at Foot Locker (Image: Kevin Millet / Le Cartel)

“The idea behind the collaboration between Foot Locker and Cartel was that we tried to go with three artists that were familiar and so we decide to go with Montreal artists Petitom, Epithumia Rose, and Farah Allegue. Those three artists are really connected to the brand, we really have a strong relationship with them, and we wanted to promote them.”

Along with the new partnership with Foot Locker, Sauvage said it is also busy at expanding Le Cartel. Sauvage said Le Cartel has also opened a new store location in July and will be launching a new collection within the next couple of weeks, it is unknown if this new collection will be included with its other collections at Foot Locker but will be available inside Le Cartel stores.

“We have been through two rough years with covid and now 2022 is the year for growth and we are opening a new shop in Montreal and there are a lot of cool projects coming next so we are really happy and thankful for all the people involved because it is a dream coming true as Foot Locker is a big milestone for us and we are excited about what is to come next for Le Cartel.”

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