Aubainerie Opens 50,000 sq. ft. MEGA POP Concept Store in Montreal [Photos/Interview]

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Aubainerie, a Quebec family owned fashion retailer, has opened up a MEGA POP concept store spanning 50,000 square feet in Montreal. As the company has recently made a few changes to its product quality and is looking to expand its presence in Montreal, Aubainerie wanted to make a big statement with size to introduce more people to the brand.

With a more challenging economy with inflation and increasing interest rates, Aubainerie has been working hard in the last two years to provide families with affordable clothing.

Ginette Harnois

“Our focus has been and will continue to be about really understanding the needs of families and that has been our core. It is about moving beyond fast fashion and into smart fashion – and to high end quality solutions at a price that is accessible to families. So for the past two years we have been working hard on improving the quality and the designs of our products as we saw the possibility of a more challenging economy,” says Ginette Harnois who is the Vice President, Customer Experience, and Spokesperson of Aubainerie.

The MEGA POP, located at CF Galeries d’Anjou, opened this month and will stay open for several months. The space is 50,000 square feet and provides a variety of affordable clothing options, such as everyday sportswear, and has been gradually expanding to include winter wear, athletic wear, lingerie, and swimwear. Customers can find products for women, men, and children in different price ranges.

Image: Aubainerie
Image: Aubainerie
Image: Aubainerie

Aubainerie has changed its products by increasing the quality of clothes, using more innovative fabrics. It has also taken a closer look at the design of products, fit, and detail.

“Offering the best quality at an accessible price is what makes us different from our competitors. Families are often introduced to us when shopping for their newborns and come to realize that we also sell to adults. Through every single product we offer, the balance between the quality and the price is what we are able to give to families.”

The company originally started in 1994 and has always been focused on selling well-priced fashions. Today Aubainerie has 54 stores. Four are in Montreal, one is in Ontario, one is in the Maritimes, and the rest are outside of Montreal in Quebec. As the company wants to increase its presence in Montreal, opening the MEGA POP store was a great opportunity to introduce the brand to the customers in the city.

Aubainerie at St Bruno (Image: Aubainerie)

“We are working and looking for more opportunities. Right now, our focus is to expand more in urban areas in Quebec, and then we will see what the future holds. We really believe in offering the best possible quality at accessible price, so we are looking to expand further but time will tell what we will be able to do.”

The store opening event occurred on November 2nd where Aubainerie welcomed its first 200 customers with gift cards, on the 5th it welcomed families with an event, and on the 12th it is having surprises and in-store events that are more geared towards women.

“Our focus remains on families and understanding what their needs are. We offer something in response to the present economic needs that today’s families are facing. The MEGA POP is a one time event but it is the first of more projects to come. There will be other opportunities to increase our presence in Montreal so customers should be looking forward to seeing what we will be offering them.”

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Shelby Hautala
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