Women-Only Boxing Fitness Concept ’30 Minute Hit’ Looks to Expand Across Canada with New Locations [Interview]

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The unique women-only boxing circuit fitness concept 30 Minute Hit is looking for sites across Canada to grow its brand.

The Canadian concept was founded in British Columbia in 2004 by husband and wife team Deanna and Jackson Loychuk. Deanna is the President of the company and Jackson is the CEO.

Deanna Loychuk

“We started franchising around 2006/2007 and it grew very organically in Canada just because franchising in Canada is a lot different than the US,” said Deanna. 

“We started really pushing the US market in about 2016. Obviously we shut that all down through COVID but we’re back in full force now. Our major focus right now for growth, because we are across Canada, is the US market. We are currently in Saudi Arabia. We’ve just awarded a location in Dubai and we’re also doing a big push in the UK right now as well.”

The company currently has just under 100 locations with about 65 in Canada.

The company said its 13 bag smacking, skill building, core strengthening stations that fly by in just 30 minutes, will get women’s hearts pumping, clear their minds and transform their bodies faster than they could ever imagine.

Designed just for women, each two-minute round based on boxing, kickboxing, general self defence, and core stability training, will challenge women each and every time to improve their fitness and reward them with amazing results.

Jackson Loychuk

When asked how much the brand could grow in the future, Deanna said: “Oh we could triple it. No problem. We have an incredible support team and we’ve always grown responsibly though. The unit economics with every franchisee has always been very important to us. We’re not just sell, sell, sell. We’ve always taken a big interest in our franchisees’ success as well. We’ve grown very responsibly. But now we’re ready for a big push.

“I think the women that become members understand that it is a fitness brand that we’re selling but we offer an incredible community with these women and we’ve created an amazing culture in our 30 Minute Hit brand. The women have always told us that they feel that they belong to something pretty cool and they know they’re not just a number when they walk in our doors and they get great results. It’s an incredible workout for them.”

Image: 30 Minute Hit
Image: 30 Minute Hit

Tony Flanz of Montreal-based commercial real estate brokerage Think Retail is helping the brand with its Canadian expansion plans.

Tony Flanz

“Fused with a sense of fun and community, this turnkey business concept attracts entrepreneurs who want to create a destination where women feel a sense of belonging and support on their journey to reach their goals in health and wellness. Franchisees tap into valuable training and are provided with the tools they need to make their business succeed, including lead generation, ongoing support and much more,” said the real estate company on its website.

“This is an ideal tenant with a valuable target market—women ages 13 to 65 seeking a flexible quick-hit workout designed for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. The business tends to generate a loyal customer base and drives regular foot traffic that also would benefit co-tenants.”

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