Pet Retailer Mondou Opens 80th Store with Plans for Further Expansion [Interview]

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Mondou, a Quebec specialty pet supply retailer, has recently celebrated its 80th store opening and is looking to expand more into the Quebec market.

“We are very proud. We opened our 80th and it was a tremendous success. We are very happy and excited about the new store. It is a great place for us to grow our business because there were a lot of customers asking for a Mondou store in that region,” says Pierre Leblanc, the CEO of Mondou.

Pierre Leblanc

Located in L’Assomption in Quebec, the 80th store opened on November 10th and has 4,000 square feet of retail space. Mondou celebrated with a grand opening event where there was free coffee, nail clipping, dog washes, and gifts. “It was a really good event and celebration with our customers, it was a door crasher. We had dozens of customers waiting at the door – and next time we will do better,” says Leblanc.

Customers have been requesting this specific location and now they have it. The store, like all Mondou stores, will offer free nail clipping and dog washing.

“Mondou has 80 stores in Quebec and only focuses on Quebecers and that is basically where we are focusing at the present time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future but Quebec is our market area. We are really pleased to be there in that specific place, it is an average store but we have free services such as nail clipping and dog washing, so it was really great for our customers,” says Genevieve Paquet, the Merchandising and Store Concept Director at Mondou.

#1 Pet Specialty Store in Quebec

Image: Mondou
Mondou L’Assomption (Image: Mondou)

Leblanc says Mondou is the number one pet store in Quebec in terms of sales and is still performing well. In 2022, Mondou opened six new stores in new markets and four Mondou locations were renovated or relocated.

To achieve the number one pet speciality store in Quebec, Mondou focuses on building relationships with its customers. To do that, Mondou has three different concepts which are specialized to what that specific community needs. The three concepts are flagship, original, and smaller stores. Leblanc says Mondou also succeeds in its points program as it is the best program in Quebec, and not just under pet stores.

“We have a lot of loyal customers. Most of our customers are coming back all the time. They buy not only food, but from every different category. So we believe that is a significant reason why they want to come and they come back, so we are focused on that. We are not just a transaction based company, we like to build relationships with our customers. There is a reason why we have services like nail chipping and dog washing that are free – we are very close to our community and we believe in that,” says Leblanc.

One way Mondou supports and gives back to the community is by donating. From this year alone, Mondou has raised over a million dollars to go towards different shelters. “We are product, we are service, but more than anything – we really try to build long term relationships with our customers and I think that is the basis of our success,” says Leblanc .

Expansion Plans

Mondou Atwater (Image: Mondou)

“We are going to accelerate. The customers are asking to have more stores closer to them, so yes we will be adding more stores. We want to be at the right location to serve our customers and next year we will be expanding more. We don’t know how many stores yet, but we are going to focus on the right market. We don’t want to open any stores unless it is the right location, place, and market,” says Leblanc.

Leblanc was only able to confirm two new Mondou store openings. One will be located at 670 Rue Principale in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and will be opening December 15th. The second opening confirmed is at 584 Chemin de la Touraine in Boucherville and will be opening January 26th (2023). The Boucherville store will be Mondou’s second location in that area.

In addition to upcoming expansions, Mondou has expanded its assortment and has introduced a new omnichannel Access Plus to make it easier for customers to access all products at Mondou.

“Access Plus will provide customers with more products that are not found in stores. Even when a customer is shopping at our smaller stores, we want to give full access to all the products to the customer by Access Plus where everything is available to them. We really try to serve our customers, and it is irrelevant which channel they are using to find the right product,” says Paquet.

Image: Mondou

Leblanc says this is another category where Mondou is ahead of almost everyone in Quebec, is that its online store and physical stores are not competing – they are working together to build the best customer experience and to do that, Mondou has merged its online and physical stores so customers can access everything Mondou has to offer.

To expand what Mondou has to offer its customers, Leblanc said it has expanded its assortment offerings and will continue to bring in new products to stores. In the past year, Mondou added 1000 SKU’s in not only food, but accessories.

“We are trying to pursue customer needs and trying to create something of an impulse to the customer to come in often to our stores, not only to buy a bag of food but also look at accessories such as toys. To stay on top of what is best, Mondou works with vets to ensure the product offers are the best for our customers.

“We have vets that work for us and they look at the products we sell to make sure they are pet approved because we have that concept of pet approved products. Those kinds of small details are all over the place, and for us the term wellbeing is not only something we place on the wall, it is something we live through everyday and customers know we really care for them,” says Leblanc.”

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