US-Based CONTROLTEK Opens Fulfillment Centre in Montreal with Further Canadian Expansion Plans [Interview/Photos]


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American-based CONTROLTEK, a global leader in asset protection, tracking and visibility solutions, has opened a new fulfillment centre in Montreal, reinforcing the company’s commitment to Canada.

Tom Meehan

The company, which is based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, plans to continue expanding in Canada.

“As we continue to drive momentum in the Canadian marketplace, we further our investment in expanding our presence,” said Tom Meehan, president of CONTROLTEK. “We have established this dedicated facility which offers a full breadth of fulfillment capabilities to serve as our primary point for order fulfillment to meet the growing range and demands of Canadian retailers.”

Meehan said CONTROLTEK Canadian fulfillment operations began in mid-2022, with the sprawling facility of 100,000 square feet in Montreal.

“The strategic location was chosen as it places us close to our densely populated customer base and is in the same time zone (ET) as our corporate headquarters for best service for our customer. We also have another Distribution Centre located centrally within North America, so this seemed like a nice fit in proximity,” he said.


“The location suited some of the transportation routes that we were using.”

CONTROLTEK is a global leader in tamper-evident security packaging, retail asset protection and RFID solutions. The company’s line of inventory protection and visibility solutions helps financial institutions, government agencies, and retailers protect their assets better and run their operations more efficiently.


It also has offices in the San Francisco Bay area and Toronto. It has distribution centres in Chicago and northern California with a smaller one in Toronto and it manufactures all over the world including Canada.

“We’ve been in business 47 years and (the tamper-evident security packaging division) is heavily based on protecting cash. So tamper-evident packaging for cash,” said Meehan. 

“We have a retail division that is focused on EAS (electronic article surveillance) and RFID (radio frequency identification) for retail.”


Montreal is the primary distribution centre in Canada for the company.

“It’s primarily designed to support our Canadian clients,” he said. “We had been in the past supporting Canada through our US DC and as the business grew we felt that we needed to have a DC in Canada and that was really the focal point.


“We’ve had some great growth throughout the Canadian market in the retail sector and it was just a circumstance where we wanted to make sure we could get product quicker, easier to our Canadian customers.”

Meehan said the company will also manage through its Montreal centre any repairs. 

“As we grow, we probably would expect to have one on the West Coast as well. With the one in Chicago, it does cover the central part of Canada pretty quickly. We’re right there. We’d be looking at the growth of business. We’ve really only opened an office about a year ago. We’ve been doing Canadian business through the United States through the US retailers. Now we have actual employees in Canada and an office in Canada so we need to make sure that we can cover the ground with the DC.”

Mario Toneguzzi
Mario Toneguzzi
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