Canadian Cosmetic Chain Dermapure Expanding Locations Rapidly After L’Oreal/LVMH Investment [Interview]


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Dermapure, a Canadian based cosmetic clinic, currently has 70 stores across Canada and is looking to add 80 more clinics within the next few years, along with expanding internationally. 

The cosmetic clinic was founded 14 years ago as Marilyne Gagné, President and Founder of Dermapure, noticed a gap in the industry. 

“I used to train doctors in different technologies in the industry, and I saw a lack of support on the administration side so I decided to give a brand where we can give more support to doctors while also creating an amazing customer experience to celebrate taking care of the skin,” says Gagne. “Now, we are looking at opening more clinics in Canada and internationally.” 

“The Gym For Your Skin” 

Image: Dermapure

Dermapure offers a variety of non-surgical services for patients who are looking to improve their skin such as skin tightening, complexions, texture, vascular options for those with skin conditions such as acne, and injections such as botox and fillers. Dermapure also provides maintenance services such as facials, peels, and “everything for the health and beauty for the skin and also for the body.”

Gagne said its main demographic is between the ages of 35 to 55, but also serves younger customers and its goal is to educate people and to be responsible. 

“We are more into positivity aging than trying to change everybody and we want to be a responsible leader in this industry. Being the largest premium in the world, we feel very responsible and we want to make sure we don’t create needs at the early age where people don’t need anti-aging treatment yet, but that doesn’t mean we are not serving younger people.”

Dermapure has also recently partnered with L’Oreal and LVMH. Gagne said this is the first time L’Oreal invested in services and is a great partnership as Dermapure fits with L’Oreal’s philosophy and values. Now with L’Oreal and LVMH on board, the brand can continue to grow rapidly as it is planning for expansions. 

Dermapure was able to expand to 70 clinics or so through their recent merger with Functionalab Group and FYi Aesthetic Medicine’s division, announced at the end of 2022. This is when L Catterton came in as an investor.

Expansion Plans in Canada and Internationally 

Image: Dermapure

Currently Dermapure has 70 locations spread out in Canada and Gagne said she would like to see that number be 150 locations in Canada within the next two to three years. 

“We want to complete the country and it is very exciting to grow more in Canada and be able to be in all the cities as possible. It will be doubling our size and we want to partner with the best people.”

The next locations customers can expect is in the Greater Toronto Area in Yorkville and on Yonge Street, which will be a large flagship store. The new location on Yorkville will be ready as of August or September; however, the Yonge Street location won’t be ready until the end of the year. Gagne said she has plans on adding ten locations in the GTA and twenty in other parts of Ontario. 

“We are focused on the GTA this year and next and it is the area we have not spent a lot of time in yet. Dermapure will be shining in the province and will be a great luxurious destination for people.”

Image: Dermapure

Dermapure has also recently opened its second headquarters in Calgary and has opened two training centers in Sherbrooke Quebec where the company began. The training centers allow product innovation as Dermapure creates its own products in Canada. 

In addition to expanding in Canada, Gagne says she is opening locations in the United States and has her eyes out on additional counties such as China, Brazil, and Europe. Before expanding overseas, Gagne said she would like to expand into the US within the next three to five years and then start looking at other countries.

“We are in the beginning of chapter two, we are having a lot of meetings with American doctors so we can expand into the US, and then we will target other countries, so it is an ambitious plan but we want to explore different countries starting with the US. We have something to be proud of, this Canadian company will soon shine in other countries, so hopefully we can be a large brand that is deployed everywhere.” 

Image: Marilyne Gagné, President and Founder of Dermapure

Each location is generally around 4,000 square feet and generates between two and ten million dollars annually. Each clinic has a doctor or two where they supervise the visits and patients should expect to have a natural result as that is one of Dermapure’s priorities. 

“If people want something that does not look natural – we will say no. We want to define ourselves by saying no and I think it is appreciated by our patients. It is very important to us and this is what people can expect from us. It is also important that people feel comfortable and don’t feel guilty. I like to say that you train your body, you eat well, you are allowed to train your skin. So it is a way of living and hopefully people feel they deserve it.”

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