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As we progress through the summer – or the third quarter as its known throughout much of the industry – retailers begin shifting into new purchasing seasons, ramp up planning for the final quarter’s lucrative periods, and look to capitalize on the spend of a resilient Canadian consumer. And, while droves of sun-seekers soak it up at the local beach, bathing in the more enjoyable climes of the Canada summertide, the temperature is not the only thing warming. In fact, there is a whole host of hot topics that currently pose impacts to retail operations, presenting both challenges to overcome and opportunities that can be realized. Within Retail Insider the magazine, Volume II Issue II, publishing the week of August 7, we dig into some of the more significant trends that are helping to shape the future of retail, sparking creativity and innovation from leading brands across the country in their attempt to continue satisfying the needs of their customers.

A level playing field?

Corinne Pohlmann, Vice-President of National Affairs and Partnerships, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, begins by taking a look at some of the inequities that exist between small businesses and their larger corporate competitors when it comes to online retailing, calling on government to act in order to level the e-commerce playing field and ensure the competitiveness of small businesses across the country.

Moment of Truth

Contributing the first of a series of bi-monthly columns, author and the Founder and CEO of Inception Retail Group, George Minakakis, highlights the idea of the retail ‘Moment of Truth’, how businesses can recognize and seize upon them for more positive business outcomes, and how a deep understanding of the concept can help retailers remain relevant, differentiating themselves within a crowded market.

Exclusive Retail Executive Roundtable discussion

We bring some of the leading minds within the industry together for another exclusive Retail Executive Roundtable discussion. Featuring Lesley Hawkins (VP Retail, adidas); Samir Kulkarni (CEO; Showcase), Eric Ouaknine (Vice President of Retail, Browns Shoes Inc.); Ilana Santone (Senior Vice-President of Digital/Connected Retail, Canadian Tire); and Stewart Schaefer (President and CEO, Sleep Country Canada), the group discussed the virtues of a unified approach to the retail experience and the ways in which they’re keeping up with the ever-changing habits of today’s savvy digital consumer.

Futureproofing the retail brand

When it comes to maintaining pace with today’s evolving consumer, and satisfying their needs, many within the industry are assessing the experiences they offer in order to identify necessary improvements. However, as Lisa Hutcheson, Managing Partner, JC Williams Group, points out, there are some considerations that need to be made first. The veteran retail analyst shares her views concerning today’s fast-paced retail landscape and the steps that organizations can take to futureproof their brands for continued growth and success.

Luxury’s going to the burbs

In another of the issue’s must-read articles, Founder and Publisher of Retail Insider Media Ltd., Craig Patterson, dives deep into the world of luxury retail, exploring the simultaneous exit of top luxury brands from major urban centres and entrance into suburban malls across the country. He examines the reasons that are contributing to this phenomenon while proffering what might lay on the horizon for the luxury sector in Canada.

State of ecommerce

We also sit down with the Food Professor, Sylvain Charlebois, to get his take on the current state of grocery and the continued rise in adoption of online food purchases among Canadians. And, we chat with David Nagy, Founder of eCommerce Canada, about the trends impacting online sales holistically, some of the challenges that retailers face in growing their online business, and where the opportunities might be to realize greater success in the digital world.

Delivering on its promise

And, we profile one of the hottest and fastest-growing service providers within the industry, PenguinPickUp, about the company’s approach to delivery and fulfillment and how they’re helping retailers across the country increase efficiencies, decrease costs, and improve their environmental impact.

Best issue yet

Retail Insider the magazine would like to thank all of our incredible retail experts, content contributors, and industry partners who have helped to make this issue of the magazine the best yet. And, we’ll look forward to receiving feedback from you, our readers, concerning the topics that we’re covering and content we’re developing to help you and your teams navigate the challenges and recognize the opportunities for growth within your retail journey.

Look out for Retail Insider the magazine, Volume II Issue II, publishing the week of August 7, 2023.

Sean Tarry
Sean Tarry
Sean Tarry is an experienced writer who leverages his unique storytelling abilities to bring retail industry news and analysis to life. With 25 years of learning, including over a decade as Editor-In-Chief of Canadian Retailer magazine, he’s equipped with a deep understanding of the unique world of retail and the issues, trends, and innovators that continue to influence its evolution and shape its landscape.


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