Ani Nersessian

Visual Merchandising: Luxury or Essential?

Ani Nersessian says that the presentation of merchandise in stores can have a profound impact on the bottom line for retailers.

Optimizing E-Commerce Digital Merchandising Necessary Amid Online Growth: Expert

At a time of unprecedented growth in online retail, having a compelling visual presentation is more important than ever.

Recurring Visual Merchandising ‘Faux Pas’ Creates Competitive Disadvantage for Retailers

A visual merchandising expert discusses the importance of merchandising, as well as some of the pitfalls Canadian retailers face at a time when brick-and-mortar needs to look better than ever.

Visual Merchandising Expert Focuses on Smaller Retailers to Help them Get Ahead

The seasoned merchandiser, who has worked with some of the top retail brands in North America, is also training smaller retailer so they can do it for themselves.
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