Anthony Karabus

5 Predictions for Canadian Retail in 2021: Expert Comment

HRC Advisory says that the retail industry will see growth particularly in the later part of the year with digital growth ongoing.

Q&A with Retail Expert Antony Karabus on the Future of Retail in Canada

Antony Karabus discusses in an interview what was happening, what’s happening now, and where things are expected to go post-pandemic.

When and How Consumers Will Shop Again after Stores in Canada Re-Open

Consumers will return, but the retail landscape will be very different. Antony Karabus and Farla Efros discuss how retailers can navigate the new normal.

Retailers in Canada Need to Evaluate Cashflow Situation to Survive: Expert

Antony Karabus spoke to Retail Insider about how liquidity and inventory management are critical to survive when physical stores are shut and consumers are hesitant to go outside.
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