Artificial Intelligence

Facial Recognition in Stores in Canada May Pose Problems Amid AI-Based Misidentification Potential

The need to mitigate issues around the usage of artificial intelligence is of utmost importance as it becomes commonplace, according to Kathy Baxter of Salesforce.

Clearview AI’s Misconduct Opens Larger Discussion Around Privacy and Use of Technology in Canadian Retail Locations

New York-based technology company found in violation of Canadian privacy rights, highlighting need for regulation of facial recognition.

5 Ways Canadian Retailers Can Capitalize on Interactive Tools

The main way to come back stronger than ever is to capitalize on the latest interactive shopping tech tools.

AI-Powered Technology Enables a Hyper-Personalized Gotengo Online Experience

Varying levels of customer customization and a wider breadth of selection helps to fill needs in an underserved Canadian menswear market.

AI-Powered Symptom Screening Technology to Help Fight Spread of COVID Virus in Canada

Companies such as Predictmedix are working with retailers to make spaces safer in a new world amid the unexpected pandemic.

Physical Stores in Canada to Change Significantly with Adoption of AI and Other Tech: Experts

The head of RCC and retail futurist Doug Stephens explain how successful stores will be experiential with AI creating efficiencies in supply chain and customer interface.

Canadian Custom Suit Company Launches AI Tech for Virtual Measurements

Two engineers developed the futuristic technology that can take measurements remotely without in-person visits.

AI Company ‘Predictmedix’ Launches COVID-19 Screening Technology for Retailers

The publicly traded company is expected to see its share price explode as it rolls out artificial intelligence screening technology with a wide range of uses for retail and other industries.

How Much are Online Reviews Actually Worth?

An innovative company explains how review data should lead marketing strategies for retailers and other businesses today.

AI ‘Smart Carts’ to Transform Grocery Retail in Canada: Expert

Sylvain Charlebois explains how the consumer experience in Canadian grocery retailers could transform to become ‘frictionless’, and that interactions with store employees could be eliminated altogether. However there are still some challenges associated with a major roll-out, he says.
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