Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Video Interview: Canadian Small Business Owners Continue To Struggle With Sales

CFIB's Dan Kelly talks about how sales are still not back to normal for companies, the amount of debt taken on during the pandemic, how they are struggling with labour shortages, supply chain issues and what to expect this holiday shopping season.

Extended Ontario Lockdown Announcement Blasted by Association and Experts for Inequitably Harming Small Retailers: Interviews

The CFIB and several prominent retail experts say that the industry will struggle amid further restrictions, necessitating significant changes to business models.

Second Round of Pandemic Lockdowns Could See 225,000 Small Businesses Close in Canada

Experts say that there is still room to pivot at a challenging and uncertain time.

Downtown Retailers and Businesses Struggle in Canada Amid Lack of Office Workers and Tourists

A staggering decline in foot traffic in some downtowns will severely impact businesses, many of which will not survive.

Broad Economic Impact As Foodservice Businesses Shutter in Canada

Larry Isaacs, President of The Firkin Group of Pubs, explains how closures have been devastating to the industry and how struggles will continue into 2021.

Concerns Among Retailers as Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program Ends this Week

Groups across Canada are urging the federal government to overhaul and expand the initiative to help more businesses struggling during the pandemic.

Newly Announced Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) Program Insufficient According to Many Retailers & Businesses in Canada

After the program has been analyzed, many are questioning how effective it will actually be as several issues have been identified ahead of the looming May 1st rent due date.
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