Canadian malls

Several Canadian Shopping Centres to Turn Unused Outdoor Parking Spaces Into Patios for Food Tenants: Interviews

Food court tenants have been devastated during lockdowns and landlords are strategizing ways to bring consumers back to support them.

Canadian Mall Owners Could Acquire Key Retail Tenants: Expert

As has been seen in the US, an analyst says Canadian landlords are likely to invest in key retailers to keep malls tenanted with an eye to the future.

Canadian Malls Need to be Revolutionized Post-Pandemic: Report

A report by Deloitte sets out five critical changes that mall landlords, retailers, and the entire industry must embrace to protect the sector and keep Canadians coming back into stores.

Canadian Landlords Ask Government for Help as Retailers Shutter Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The ICSC sent letters to governments asking them to provide support to retailers as landlords seek to also protect the value of properties which could plummet if the industry collapses.
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