Canadian retail

Edgy Men’s Fashion Brand ‘Psycho Bunny’ to Open Canadian Stores

The unique brand, known for its polo shirts with a logo featuring a maniacal-looking rabbit over a skull and bones, will launch standalone stores for the first time in Canada.

Easing of Retail Lockdowns in Ontario This Month Still Not Enough to Save Many Businesses: Experts

While retail stores in the GTA will be permitted to operate at lower capacities on February 22, restaurants, personal care, and gyms will remain shut with no end in sight.

Study Tracks Retail and Restaurant Closures Across Canada

Regions in Canada had drastically different numbers that can be attributed in part to lockdowns and overall consumer confidence.

Federal Government Announces Business Loans to Help Retail and Other Hard-Hit Businesses

Some experts say that retailers are already taking on too much debt and that support will postpone the inevitable.

Hindsight 2020: Canadian Retail in the Rearview Window

A year unlike any other saw the retail industry transform amid an acceleration of trends and mass store closures.

Mass Vaccinations Critical to Save the Canadian Retail Industry: Experts

Having a vaccine in place in a timely fashion will be critically important for the future of many retailers across the country, say industry experts.

Better Cash Flow, Better Reporting – Here’s How FreshBooks’s Accounting Software Helps Canadian Retailers

Providing their customers with safe payment options and being able to easily report is proving easier for Canadian retailers thanks to FreshBooks’ accounting software.

Interview: Reitmans President Discusses Diversity Campaign & Company’s Restructuring Post-Filing

The Canadian retailer is looking to the future with a new campaign as well as plans to move the company forward following reorganizing under CCAA.

The Battle for Same-Day Grocery Delivery Heats Up Among Canadian Retailers: Experts

Retailers are jumping on board at a time of unprecedented competition due to acceleration from the pandemic, and some may be left behind.

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