Video Interview: What Will A Seventh Pandemic Wave Mean For Canadian Small Business Owners?

The CFIB talks about the current level of stress and anxiety in the industry, the possibility of lockdowns and restrictions, the optimism and confidence levels of owners, the impact of rising costs, the current labour shortage, the lack of government support programs and the recent Rogers network outage.

Small Businesses in Canada Continue to Struggle Under Mountains of Debt and Challenging Business Environment: CFIB

Dan Kelly says that only 27% of businesses have fully recovered and that without support, more could fail as we head into the summer.

Video Interview: CFIB’s Dan Kelly Discusses Federal Budget’s Impact on Small Businesses

Dan Kelly, President/CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, discusses the latest federal budget and its impact on small businesses in Canada.

2022 Federal Budget Misses the Mark for Retailers in Canada: Interviews

Not enough is being done to support businesses struggling because of the pandemic and new spending will result in even more of a budget shortfall say experts.

“Absolutely Terrible News”: Ontario Lockdown to Push More Businesses Into Bankruptcy: Interviews

Recovery has not truly begun for most Ontario businesses according to CFIB with other experts and industry players saying that the move will irreparably harm many more businesses.

Concerns Despite Announced Federal Government Extension of Wage and Rent Subsidies for Retailers and Businesses in Canada [Interview]

The CFIB says it’s concerned that the eligibility rules and thresholds of the Thursday announcement puts support out of reach for many.

End of Government Subsidies for Retailers and Businesses this Month Could Spell Doom Amid 4th Wave: Interviews

Wage and rent subsidy support programs from the federal government end October 23rd, and many are praying the deadline will be extended.

Pandemic ‘Fourth Wave’ Would be Devastating to Retailers and Businesses in Canada Trying to Come Back from a Year and a Half of Restrictions:...

Businesses already have debt and still seeing lower than usual revenue, and more shutdowns could be the final blow for thousands of more retailers already struggling.

Anger and Frustration from Mall Retailers and Other Businesses Not Permitted to Reopen Friday in Ontario: Interviews

Business owners say that they are watching their life's work crumble due to the province's inaction amid despair.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Urged to Open Ontario Retail and Restaurants Immediately as Covid Cases Come Down at a Critical Time: Interviews

Businesses were supposed to open this week but the government extended the lockdown. Now there are calls to reopen things now.
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