Anger and Frustration from Mall Retailers and Other Businesses Not Permitted to Reopen Friday in Ontario: Interviews

Business owners say that they are watching their life's work crumble due to the province's inaction amid despair.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Urged to Open Ontario Retail and Restaurants Immediately as Covid Cases Come Down at a Critical Time: Interviews

Businesses were supposed to open this week but the government extended the lockdown. Now there are calls to reopen things now.

Concern as New Businesses Shut Out of All Federal Government Support Programs in Canada Amid Pandemic: Interviews

Retailers and other businesses that opened just before or during the pandemic are calling on governments for support to survive at a challenging time.

“Another Crippling Blow” as Ontario Government Extends Pandemic Lockdowns for Retailers and Businesses into June [Interviews]

Businesses and associations are furious as Ontario once again extends lockdowns which many say will have a devastating impact on the economy.

Anger and Frustration as New Lockdowns Expected to Have Devastating Impact on Canadian Businesses: Experts

Governments are implementing restrictions in provinces amid a third wave and some are saying that decisions being made are misguided and harmful.

Easing of Retail Lockdowns in Ontario This Month Still Not Enough to Save Many Businesses: Experts

While retail stores in the GTA will be permitted to operate at lower capacities on February 22, restaurants, personal care, and gyms will remain shut with no end in sight.

Toronto BIAs Tell Premier Ford That Lockdowns Are Unfair [Interviews]

Small, locally-owned businesses are in peril as big-box retailers continue to be permitted to sell 'non-essential' items.

Second Lockdowns Will Obliterate Small Retailers and Businesses: Experts

About a third of Ontario businesses won't survive the lockdown extending to January 23 says the CFIB.

Over Half of Small Businesses in Canada will Not be Able to Pay Rent in May Amid Pandemic Shutdowns

The Canadian government hasn’t yet provided an update on details for relief, and several associations say that businesses are quickly running out of time.

Independent Retailers in Canada Hit with High Job Vacancies and Higher Property Taxes: CFIB

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says many retailers are struggling as market dynamics shift.
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