Last Minute Government COVID Mandates Putting Retailers in Canada in an Even Tougher Spot

Fast-changing rules and mandates have created undue anxiety for retailers according to the CEO of INEO.

Majority of Retailers in Canada Want Staff and Customers to be Vaccinated which Could Dictate Mandatory Mandates: Poll

Retail store staff also want team members to be vaccinated which could be a sign that bigger things are to come as we head into the fall and a fourth wave.

Planning for the Worst to Secure Continuity for Retailers and Businesses in Canada During Times of Challenge, Pandemic and Disaster [Feature]

An industry expert says that the pandemic has brought the need for retailers to prepare for future crisis into sharper focus.

Canadian Consumers Lose Trust in Big-Brand Retailers During Pandemic: Study

There has been a dramatic shift in consumer loyalty and purchase considerations following a “tumultuous” year.

Several Canadian Shopping Centres to Turn Unused Outdoor Parking Spaces Into Patios for Food Tenants: Interviews

Food court tenants have been devastated during lockdowns and landlords are strategizing ways to bring consumers back to support them.

Canadian Retailer Peavey Expanding Brick-and-Mortar Store Base Amid Shifting Omnichannel Strategy [Feature]

Digital investments, strategy, and innovation are critical to the success of Canada’s farm and ranch retailing giant.

Why Fewer Physical Stores Makes Sense for Retailers Amid a Shift to Digital: George Minakakis

The retail expert explains how shifting consumer preferences are changing the way retailers need to look at footprints.

Banff Retailers and Tourism-Reliant Businesses Prepare for an Uncertain Pandemic Summer

The resort towns of Banff and Lake Louise won't have the international visitors that in past years supported most local businesses.

Canadian Retail Sales Hung On in Feb 2021: Ed Strappagiel

The analyst provides a monthly update on retail sales numbers from Statistics Canada.

One Year In: How a Newly-Opened Simply For Life Franchise Found Digital Success Amid the Pandemic [Feature]

The beautiful store opened days before pandemic shutdowns in 2020 and the owner quickly pivoted to ensure the retailer’s success.
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