Dalhousie University

University Students Shift Focus: Trends, Lifestyle Choices, and Missed Retail Opportunities in Back-to-School Shopping [Feature/Interviews]

Experts discuss a shift towards a greater focus on apparel and lifestyle products, the popularity of school-branded merchandise, and missed opportunities for retailers to engage with students on campus through pop-up stores and kiosks.

Expert: The Canadian Grocery Sector Will Look Very Different in the Post-Pandemic World

Industry guru Sylvain Charlebois says that despite recent success, there are many questions for Canadian grocers to answer going forward

Sylvain Charlebois: Are Self-Checkouts Winning the Machine vs. Human Battle?

“Before the pandemic, many Canadians felt uneasy about the presence of self-checkout counters at the grocery store. They were considered by many as job killers. The pandemic is apparently changing that."
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