Deciem Rebrands Many Stores as ‘The Ordinary’ as Company Shifts Focus and Retail Strategy [CEO Interview]

The popular beauty brand is refocusing some of its stores as 'The Ordinary' as Deciem grows its wholesale business with Sephora, and is also looking to launch new brands through its incubator engine.

Beauty Brand DECIEM Launches New Store Concept [Photos]

The community-focused concept can be modified to different activations, marking a shift for the popular Canadian beauty brand which began opening standalone stores in 2016.

Podcast [Interview]: DECIEM CEO Nicola Kilner Discusses the Future of the Brand

Craig and Nicola Kilner, CEO of Toronto-based beauty brand DECIEM, discuss the company's expansion including stores, growth during the pandemic as well as future plans for the rapidly growing iconic brand.

How Deciem’s Head of Retail in North America, David Penrice, Blends Experiences and Ethics

Penrice got started in the beauty industry in Vancouver and is now mapping the company's retail future from New York City.

Deciem Marks the PATH

The self proclaimed ‘Abnormal Beauty Company’ will launch a store in the heart of Canada’s Financial District this summer.

Deciem Opens 1st Mall-Based Store

The self-proclaimed ‘Abnormal Beauty Company’ is expanding its base of stores, including having opened its first store within an enclosed mall.

Deciem Continues Rapid Store Expansion [Photos]

The self-proclaimed “Abnormal Beauty Company” continues to open stores in unique locations, with new leases having recently been signed.

Deciem Launches Ambitious Store Expansion Initiative

It’s a remarkable success story – a Canadian beauty brand plans to go from zero stores to about 30 globally within a year, following exceptional wholesale performance.
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