Deloitte Canada

Canadian Holiday Spending to Decline Amid Consumer and Economic Concerns: Deloitte Report

The report forecasts a dramatic decline in spending this year as consumers grapple with mounting financial concerns including housing costs, credit card debt, and the potential impact of a recession.

Retailers in Canada Continue to See Challenges Following 2 Years of Pandemic Uncertainty: Deloitte Report

The report shows optimism about future sales growth and also concern as uncertainty leads to higher costs and shipping challenges.

Sustainable Practices Needed to Reduce Negative Impacts of Retail Industry on the Environment in Canada: Report

Rising consumer sentiment concerning climate change helping to drive reduction in carbon emissions and greater retail sustainability.

Salesforce Partners with Deloitte on Report Re: How Leading Brands Utilize Data

The study describes how elite-performing retail brands are using data in a variety of ways to get ahead of the competition.
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