Devin Partida

6 Tips to Combat Canadian Warehousing Challenges in 2021

Some of the largest Canadian cities, like Toronto, Victoria, Montreal, and Vancouver, are struggling to find warehouse space for businesses to store their goods.

Supply Chain Security Tips for Canadian Retailers

As the retail industry embraces digital transformation, it faces new challenges from cybercriminals.

6 Ways Canadian Grocery Retail Was Forever Changed by the Pandemic

Online ordering, robotics, fewer consumer trips, touch-free checkouts, supply chain resiliency and declining peak hours are among the major changes.

3 Ways to Add Tracking to Product Orders

Customers want responsive tracking so they know where their items are every step of the way.

How Canadian Retailers Can Take Curbside Pickup Systems to the Next Level

With the right updates to a curbside pickup system, retailers can operate smoothly throughout the entire pandemic.

5 Ways Canadian Retailers Can Capitalize on Interactive Tools

The main way to come back stronger than ever is to capitalize on the latest interactive shopping tech tools.

The Future Outlook of Canadian Retail E-Commerce

E-commerce exploded during the start of the pandemic and its growth will continue as habits are formed.

What Rights do Retail Employees Have in COVID-19?

Devin Partida discusses health and safety, employment, and the right to information at a unique time.

5 Ways Retailers in Canada Can Stay Afloat Amid COVID-19 Market Fluctuations

If retailers cling to old practices, they may succumb to the recession, but adaptation could keep them afloat.
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