Brief: Nordstrom Pulls Men’s Luxury Brands at Yorkdale, Ray-Ban Opening 2nd Canadian Store

Other news: size? opens at Queen & Ossington with mirrored ceilings, Dyson launches new products.

Dyson Launches New Vacuum Technologies in Canada After Launching Successful Canadian Retail Showrooms

UK-based household reinvention brand launches new vacuum technology.

Canadian Consumers Lose Trust in Big-Brand Retailers During Pandemic: Study

There has been a dramatic shift in consumer loyalty and purchase considerations following a “tumultuous” year.

Dyson to Open 3rd Canadian Retail Space in Calgary

The unique company’s ‘demo stores’ act as a brand activation that also drives consumers to Dyson’s wholesale channels. It’s a model other retailers may consider amid COVID-19 downsizing.

BRIEF: French Bakery Concept Entering Canada, Holt Renfrew Rebrands All Restaurants

Other News: Luxury book publisher Taschen opens Vancouver retail space, Dyson opens second Canadian ‘demo store’, INS Market expanding in Quebec, Kristals Cosmetics kicking-off Canada-wide expansion.

Dyson to Open 2nd Standalone Canadian Storefront in Vancouver

The UK-based household and technology ‘reinvention’ brand will open a standalone unit in Canada’s second-most productive shopping centre.

List of International Retailers that Entered Canada in 2017 [Feature]

We compiled a list of more than 50 international brands that entered Canada by opening stores , and it may be a record number for the country.

Dyson Unveils 1st Canadian Retail Space [Photos]

The highly experiential showroom encourages visitors to pick up, test, and understand Dyson’s technology — there are only a handful in the world, and Canada is now home to one of them.
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