Ed Strapagiel

Canadian Retail Sales: Not Out Of The Woods Yet [Ed Strapagiel]

The industry analyst provides monthly updates on the most recent StatCan numbers.

Rocky Rebound for Canadian Retail Sales Q2 Into the Summer: Ed Strapagiel

The industry analyst provides an overview of StatCan data showing improving numbers from a disastrous pandemic.

A Year-and-a-Half of Disruption and Uncertainty Creating Retail Forecasting Conundrum in Canada: Feature

Impacts of the pandemic resulting in mixed market signals and data, and challenges for retailers looking ahead.

Economists Optimistic for a Better Second Half of 2021 for Retailers in Canada Pending Severity of Pandemic’s Fourth Wave [Feature]

If the COVID-19 virus can be contained and containment measures are removed, so too are barriers to spending.

Canadian Retail Sales Recovering into Summer 2021: Ed Strapagiel

The analyst walks readers through the latest StatsCan numbers explaining different segments.

The Rocky Road Back to Normal for Canadian Retailers: StatsCan Analysis from Ed Strapagiel

The retail expert provides an overview of the past three months noting that more ups and downs lie ahead.

Wild Ride for Canadian Retail Sales in the Spring of 2021: Ed Strapagiel

The analyst sets out results in the first quarter of 2021 as well as what's expected as we head into the summer.

Canadian Retail Sales Hung On in Feb 2021: Ed Strappagiel

The analyst provides a monthly update on retail sales numbers from Statistics Canada.

Canadian Retail Sales Bumbled Along in January: Ed Strapagiel

The analysis provides a monthly update based on Statistics Canada data, showing a cool-off after increases the month prior.

Canadian Retail 2020 Winners and Losers: Ed Strapagiel Analysis

Strapagiel provides his yearly analysis of Canadian retail sales data from StatsCan.
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